{This Week}

Whew...hardly time to breathe...let alone post!
I guess I shouldn't really say that...there has been lots of time to breathe...and that's a good thing.

The girls have returned to school
Dave has gone back to work and
life is returning some what back to normal.

I love having them all home
really I do,
but routines and schedules
we're pretty good friends
we go way back I guess.:)
{can you hear the slurping sound effects?}

Aubrey and I had a pretty low key week
lots of time at home
lots of time for play
lots of time for snuggling
sounds perfect huh?
It pretty much was.

This morning the girls got ready for school a bit on the early side.
Must have been all that sleep from the night before.
They were in bed at 7:30...they both needed it.
First week back wore them out I guess.

They decided to take advantage of their extra time with a little Friday Morning Dance Party.
We were dancing to this catchy number from the Tangled soundtrack.
Seen the movie yet?

{someone wanted nothing to do with sitting still for a group shot}

It was so sweet...the girls had an argument earlier and as they were getting ready to leave I heard Janey say,
"Look Riley it's snowing....when we were arguing before it was raining...God must be happier now that we   worked it out 'cause he made it snow for us!!"
Love that little girl.

Aubrey and I took a quick trip to the mall today
for no reason what so ever other then to get out of the house.
It was fun.
We saw the puppies,
avoided the play area and
had a pretzel.
I let her our of the stroller as we were about to leave.
She thought she was pretty much big stuff walking around carrying her bag of animal crackers.
I got her to let me pick her up again
by making strange faces with my head thrown back and my tongue out...
I told her we were heading outside in the snow
We could catch snowflakes on our tongues
She loved that....and let me pick her up again without any protests.:)
Funny thing was, as I was walking towards the door doing that a women with a toddler heading in said "heading out to catch snowflakes"?  I guess she had used that trick once before too.

this little sweetie loves yogurt

we freeze those tubes and then break them in half for her
The last few days after lunch, Aubrey has been going to the bread cabinet, pulling out the package and asking for a piece of bread.  Too funny! Doesn't matter if I give her bread at lunch..she still does it.  Believe me, I've tried.

she usually takes her bread to the family room and runs around in circles with it.

little goof ball

she also thinks it's funny to blow spit bubbles

 I wonder what charming big sister thought that was a necessary life skill to learn!:)

but could she be any cuter?

So there you have it folks.
A sneak peek into our week
and never boring!

Hope your Friday is everything you dream it to be!
Enjoy the day,


  1. looks like a fun and busy week for you. and your girls are just too cute

  2. I know what you mean about routines and schedules feeling so good after so much fun down time... ahh! So you like Tangled? Is it too scary to bring Abigail to? (3 1/2) Plus Anna's gets really spooked at movies but I've been wanting to go... think we'll find a time this weekend. I enjoyed your pictures. Your girls all seem so close. I love your "never boring" life at home. What a gift, thanks for sharing as always, tara

  3. Cindy, I love your posts because they are always so real and fun. They make me smile. That first picture....I love it...cool depth of field. The others are all so good. I can picture you with that camera around your neck all day. :)

    ps. Thanks for the sweet words on my blog when I had the blahs. I took your advice and did some fun stuff, including getting cupcakes. I wrote a little post about it. I'd sure love to have Mexican food with you one day!

  4. by the way, i may have no idea what i'm talking about when i said depth of field, but i loved the look of it anyway! :)

  5. She is so adorable!! Love the pic of her running with the bread, lol.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I like that close up of Aubrey holding that big old piece of bread! She always looks so content.

    Can't remember if I told you how much I like your new new header! It might be my favorite one thus far!

  7. I loved that movie! I went in with low expectations, but it has quickly joined my all-time top Disney!
    Love on that baby for me. She is darling.

  8. January is definitely turning out to be busier than I expecited! Hope things settle back into your routine soon too!

    Great pictures Cindy. Looks like you are doing lots of practice with your new camera. Aubrey is such a cutie pie. Fun subjects around you all the time, how can you not take pictures!

  9. The only things cuter than that board & batten are your girls!

  10. omg, that little aubrey of yours is to die for - so cute!! The doggie t-shirt, the bubbles, the bread requests, she's just the cutest ;-) And, btw, I also loved the movie Tangled - LOVED!!

  11. So so cute! Love the pic of the baby with the baby doll.
    That is some special time for the 2 of you!
    Enjoy! Have a great day!

  12. I love it when there is a blurry toddler in a picture. . .then you know something was really happening!

    And the sound effects are just too cute!

  13. Great pictures. Glad you're enjoying the camera! Oh, nothing better than a pretzel at the mall!