{Twelve Years}

Dave and I celebrated our anniversary on Sunday.
Twelve Years!
We both kind of look at each other like....what?!?!?
Twelve years...really???!!!
Where did the time go?

During the hustle and bustle of getting ready for church in the morning
Dave took my wedding ring off the kitchen shelf
took my hands in his and said his vows again
word for word
while he placed the ring on my finger
the boy's still got it!!!!:)
The girls, who were sitting there having breakfast, were like eeeewwwwww...
kind of funny!!

Dave made a truly scrumptious dinner.

And brought me some beautiful flowers.

We wanted to take a photo of us on the big day
Of course we waited till right before bed-time
We were too lazy to get the tripod out so we let the girls take turns with the camera
They thought that was totally cool!

I think we have made pretty good use of our twelve years together...

I've included the funny outtakes for your viewing enjoyment

Here are some photos from the real big day.

We got married at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort
It was a beautiful location and a picture perfect day.
I took photos of the photos in our wedding album.
That would explain the weird flashy thing in the corner and the little gold edges!:)

 I love this one because the sun started shining so brightly as soon as we said "I Do"  
and headed down the aisle
same view from above
this is the one we have hanging poster size in our bedroom
this is one of my all time favorite ones too
isn't it just gorgeous?

same bridge
our friends and family
the bubbles
just loved it

wish you could see this part in our video
they filmed us in slow motion walking across this bridge 
and the song The Way You Look Tonight was playing
we went  the whole way across the bridge, down the sidewalk and 
then into the glass elevator
then we gave each other a huge hug and kiss....we had no idea we were being filmed!
the girls love that part of the video!

The girls were so cute, they threw us a party after Aubrey was in bed.
We went on a scavenger hunt and our prize was tickets for a spa.
We got to sit on the sofa together and they rubbed our feet and hands!
Where do they come up with this stuff??:)
We loved it!
We asked them if they could just put themselves to bed so we could stay right there 
on the sofa together in our post spa state
they wouldn't go for it though!:)

A beautiful day
A beautiful life
I love you so much honey
Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary. hope you have many many more happy years

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I just love what the kids did for your you - that spa idea is so sweet!

    LOVE your wedding dress, btw - so beautiful! And those photos?! WOW!! To die for ... and that video sounds amazing too - lucky you to have your special day so beautifully documented! Perfect start to a wonderful union ;-)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful photos! Feel free to email if you'd like to chat..

  4. We only watched our video once, because I was blubbering like an idiot and David thought it was hiliarious so he rewound it several times and got the slow motion effect. . .he's such a romantic!:) Glad that yours is lovely and the pictures are stunning!

    Happy Anniversary and you are right, you have put those 12 years to good use!

  5. Happy Anniversary...you guys look the same as you did 12 years ago!
    I love that Dave said his vows to you right in the middle of getting ready for church...so sweet! And your dinner looks like you were out at a fancy restaurant...such a lucky lady all around!

  6. Happy Anniversary to one sweet couple! I love the pics of your wedding day - you had a beautiful wedding! I love that you got pampered by the kids and your hubby!

  7. Happy 12th Anniversary Cindy! You guys are such a cute couple. Loved all your great wedding pictures. They are beautiful!!

  8. I LOVE this post!! You are such a beautiful family; I love reading about your girls. <3

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!


  9. Happy 12th Anniversary! What a beautiful post. How wonderful it must have been to look back and remember. I love your wedding dress. It was simply beautiful. Congratulations on not only your Anniversary but your journey TOGETHER. You look so happy in your pictures from last night. Isn't it amazing how we don't need fancy trips, expensive restaurants, just an extra nice dinner at home with a spa from your little girls.... you're living the dream! Thanks for sharing, tara

  10. Great pictures! Happy Anniversary :)

  11. Happy Anniversary Cindy! I love those pictures of you and Dave on your wedding day!

  12. Happy Anniversary! LOVE your wedding photos, and the location is to die for. WOW. What a beautiful, dreamy wedding. That is so sweet that the girls threw you a little party. I love it. You have a beautiful, very blessed family, for sure!


  13. Your wedding looks like SO much fun!! What a beautiful place to get married... and that bridge was incredible!! Happy Anniversary! love kids spa treatment!! ha ha...
    I just told my daughter what your kids did... wink wink!!

  14. How did I miss that about the pork??!! :)

    I'm so glad you guys made it and loved it. YAY!!!