{Ponies, Angels and Sleds}

Someone decided to be brave today and ride the pony.  She just hopped right on and pushed the button.  The tail swished, the hooves clip clopped and the neighs began.  She loved it.  No amount of prodding from us could get her on that thing, but today she just jumped on.  Usually works that way doesn't it?  I guess all that bravery prompted her to share the love. Nothing like bringing a friend along for the ride.

I can't believe how fast this little peanut is growing up.

I keep trying to see that little baby in there.  The one who stares back at me from the pictures on the screen saver every day over and over, but she keeps getting hidden by this new changing face.

She is talking so much now.  Her personality is starting to show it's self.  We are seeing glimpses of  the little girl she will become.  We are all pretty smitten I must say.

We got quite a bit of snow today.  The first thing the girls wanted to do after school was get knee deep in the white stuff.  Too bad it was really only ankle deep.  More then anything they like walking in the fresh snow, the snow no one has touched yet.  I totally get that.

Someone asked once if they always get along and if they are always the best of friends.  Right after they made these angels, I tried to get a shot of both of them together...Janey got mad at Riley for messing up her angel, snow was thrown, feelings were hurt and yada, yada no picture was taken...one went one way in a huff and the other went the opposite direction in tears.

I look out the window later and see Riley  writing "sorry" and "I love you" in the snow.  Janey saw it and tried to write something too...couldn't quite make it out...let's hope it was nice!

Five minutes later, they are doing this. Pulling each other around on a sled...on level ground mind you.
Now that's love.

Dave has been out of town for a few days.  Boy do we miss him.  We did pretty good for ourselves I must say.  The big girls help out so much and Aubrey...well if she can get in her cabinet while I play "Where's Aubrey"? she's quite content during dinner making.

Yes that is mac-n-cheese straight from the blue box boiling there on the stove.A girls gotta do what a girl gotta do. We certainly do eat better when Daddy's around.

After some jump roping, carpet skating  and some light reading we had dessert and called it a night.

Hope your Thursday was terrific.
Enjoy the day,


  1. sounds like it was a good day. and glad to hear that my boys aren't the only ones who love each other one minute and want to hurt each other then next

  2. same stuff is happening in our house today. snow play... babies getting older (sigh) and daddy's absence (with a busy week at work). humph!

    Have a great one :)

  3. Its nice when the kids get along most of the time, huh:)

    Love the photo of Aubrey in front of the window. . .you are getting good with that new camera!

  4. Those eyse! Oh what a picture you got! and I love the story and pictureof the snow angels. I'm quite impressed with your day with no help from daddy. And you were able to take pictures too! impressed! My worst time without daddy home is for sure bathtime and bedtime. Enjoy your night, tara

  5. oh my goodness, cindy, that sweet little aubrey just keeps getting cuter and cuter - she literally makes my ovaries ache ... not kidding, I just adore her expressions - can't get enough! the photo coming out of the cabinet? how cute is that?!

    And I have to say I love your example of of the fight between your older two - sounds like it came straight from my own front yard, my girls fight exactly the same way!!

  6. looks like the girls were having a great time. Aubrey has the biggest blue eyes, so pretty. Yes they grow too fast. My "baby" goes to kindergarten this year..sigh...
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Yay... she is riding her horse!! ;)
    She is growing up... just in the few months I have been blogging with you!! or six or seven months?! Your girls relationship is much like my kiddos... best friends, little fights, make up... and love on one another! the best kind of friend!! Blessings!