{Janey Turns 7}

Little Miss Janey Brooke turned 7 on Wednesday.
We had a surprise lunch together at school, and brought in chocolate chip cookies to share with the class.
Dance and church make Wednesdays kind of a tough day for celebrations around here.
We asked her if she wanted to skip those things to celebrate her birthday or do her party on Thursday.
She decided on a Thursday party.:)

We had to sneak in one little late night after church gift opening though.
I think it's safe to say she liked her new American Girl Doll pajamas.

Deciding on the cake you want and all the details is a big deal right?
Janey was very specific about her cake wishes.
She wanted it to be rectangular in shape, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, rainbow jimmies, crushed butter rum lifesavers on top and the words "Happy Birthday Janey"...yes, she was even very specific about the wording.  
We keep the cake a surprise until the big reveal.  The girls love baking and decorating each other's cakes.  Riley took great pride in her work and I think it came out quite perfect.

Janey has been wanting a doctor kit for what seems like forever.  We had one years ago, but it got left and lost at a friends house.  I think this was the perfect gift for her.  She kept checking us over all night long.  Oh, and she loved her Fancy Nancy notebook and Diary...it has a real lock ya know.:)

Finally...cake time.
 I missed that first look shot...

not quite sure what Daddy was doing here, but it must have been silly....
love this look....classic Janey

The Happiest of Happys are wished for you my sweet Janey Brooke.
You make us all smile with your silliness, your "spunky monkeyness", and your giggles.
You are a sensitive soul with a heart of gold.
You love to snuggle 
and your perfect day would be one spent in your jammies
at home, 
with your family.
I love you so very much my sweet and I am so blessed to be your mommy.
Happy 7th Birthday my love!


  1. Crushed butter rum lifesavers?! Too funny! Great pictures Cindy...I like the one of Janey blowing out her candles! Riley did a great job on the cake.
    Happy Birthday Janey!

  2. LOVE the customized cake - classic! And a couple of those shots of Janey with her cake look so much like YOU, wow!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Janey!!

  3. What a sweet post!
    Happy Birthday Janey!
    That second to the last pic of her looking at the camera over the candles is SO good Cindy! Great shot.

  4. happy birthday to your little lady. how fun that they get to design their own cakes.

  5. Happy Birthday Janey! That cake looks so ooey, gooey, yummy! Hope it was a super happy day! tara

  6. Happy Birthday to Janey!!

    love the pictures, they turned out great and what a lovely smile! ;-)

    Have a great night!


  7. Great shots Cindy! I love 7! Such a great age.

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Janey! I love your happy smile!

  9. Happy Birthday Janey!! You know I love that name!!

  10. That new camera is a gem! Love the pictures of Janey with her cake, and I've caught up on your last few posts. It's kind of sad that these babies are growing up, isn't it? I look at Evie and already miss this time.
    I'm such a sap.

  11. we love butter rum livesavors too!! ;) Love her special request!! Happy Birthday Janey!! ;) sweet pictures of a special day!!

  12. Love your post! Happy Birthday Janey! The cake sounds yummy, lifesavers and all. We just used those same candles this weekend for Kevin's mom's birthday cake. Great photos here. Very sweet!

  13. Hi Cindy! Just checking in...wondering where you've been! Maybe you guys are all snowed in!!
    Hope you're doing well!