Hi friends...wow has it really been that long....?
Whew...what a whirlwind the last few days have been.
A pesky little illness decided to blow through our little home.
And being the way most pesky illnesses can be it waited till Monday morning...our glorious day off of school...and the day Dave went out of town...to rear it's ugly head!
Let's just say we have done enough cleaning and laundry to last a lifetime.
At one point, my washer and dryer were spinning so hard I thought they were going to actually take flight and launch right outta the room.

But alas...Dave is home...we are all on the mend...and my house is cleaner then it has been in weeks,
so life is good!

I haven't picked up my camera since Sunday
my creativity is busting to get out
and we need some fun around here.

Aubrey and I might head to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration if the weather cooperates
Right now it is -5 outside with a wind chill of -22....hmmm...how many layers can a toddler stand?!?!?

Missed you all
Hope your Friday is fantastic!
Enjoy the day,

not quite sure why my header is showing up blurry now?!?
Is it blurry to you?
I will keep trying to fix it....:)

...just found out it may be a blogger problem....waiting it out might fix it??


  1. sorry you we all under the weather, that is never fun. hope you enjoy your weekend and everyone is on the mend

  2. Glad you girls are all feeling better...I've missed you!

    Your header is a little blurry...but still cute! You're getting so good at those!

    Hope you guys have a FUN healthy weekend!

  3. Oh I want to go to Hobby Lobby today too. Teacher workday...kids are home.
    Glad you are all feeling better.

  4. Oh sorry you've all been sick Cindy!! No fun at all. WHy is is always when the husband is out of town???!

    Glad you are on the mend.
    Good lcuk with your blog header, I hate having blogger issues.

    Have fun at Hobby Lobby!

  5. Glad you're on the mend. I'm never so thankful for my washer and dryer as I am when people are sick.
    And that's funny you mentioned your header. I was trying to figure that out before I read the post.

  6. Glad you're all feeling better. Have a great weekend!

  7. Glad to hear you're all feeling better, cindy! And I agree that the silver lining is how sparkly clean the house gets as a result ;-)

    Looks like you and I both have been tinkering with blogger design - yes, I did make some changes, thanks for noticing! Just some small stuff: I widened the margins, enlarged the header, changed the sidebar ... but I still have some tweaks to work out with photo sizes - still not sure how to post larger photos - so frustrating! If you know, please fill me in!!

    BTW, those same negative bone chilling temps are headed here overnight - 3 days of single digit highs and negative lows ahead ... looks like a rough weekend ahead for both of us!

  8. Oh I hope everyone is feeling better. Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm!

  9. oh ya gotta hate it when kids are sick when Dad's away. . .

    Aren't you glad you have electricity and a washer and dryer!

  10. Life IS good! I love your outlook! :)

    I'm glad you are better and the house is clean. ha. I do love a clean house. It makes me happy!

    Sometimes when I make a collage, my photos look blurry too. I am not sure if it is b/c it changes their size, etc.

    We love Hobby Lobby. Hope you got to go.

  11. It is awful when you're sick and the hubby is out of town. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

  12. oh yikes... glad you are all feeling better! my hubby was hit hard this weekend too... hope it doesn't last too long... he is miserable when he gets sick!!

    Cindy you should give the 365 a try... just trial run yourself... it is really fun! I missed the boat last year and waited a whole year to start it... now I wish I hadn't waited!! =) I play along with Ashley Sisk's challenge which gives me inspiration for my weekly shots as well... and then I tie the two together... it seems overwhelming but it really isn't!! I carry a post it with her list on it...with my camera and my camera goes with me everywhere now... I am still learning my camera too! Hope your week starts off wonderful!

    ps what is hobby lobby? a craft store? ;)