{Weekend Glimpses}

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We had a good weekend.
Everyone was feeling better and ready to have some fun.
Our weather was cold, crisp and sunny.
If you're going to have winter weather...I guess this is the best kind to have.

one armed self-portrait

Aubrey is really in love with her new dollhouse.
Isn't it the cutest?
I love the people.
They make me smile.
Aubrey too.

This seems to be the only way to get her to smile for the camera
and to hold still so I can capture it.
I have to put her on my knees and let her fly.
A bit hard to do one-handed
but oh the giggles.

Janey and a friend

The girls had a Girl Scout ice-skating  adventure on Sunday.
They both did amazing.
It was Janey's first time and she jumped right in with both feet.
No fear and no looking back.
They wanted me to put on skates too, but honestly I think Janey did better without me to lean on.
She was awesome.
They skated for 3 hours
practically non-stop.
We have the blisters and tired legs to prove it.

image from Pioneer Woman

We ate good this weekend.
Dave made the most amazing dinners
we had Pioneer Women's Chicken and Dumplings
I never thought I was a huge Chicken and Dumpling fan, but this meal was amazing.
If you are a fan of comfort food you must make this dish.

We also had steak tacos with onion, cilantro and lime
A tasty Mexican favorite of ours.
So simple and clean and absolutely delicious.

And our weekends are never complete without Dave's homemade pizza.
He has been perfecting his pizza recipe for months now and I must say he is better then the finest pizza place in town.  His pizza really deserves a post all on it's own.
So I'll have to keep you waiting on that one but trust me it rocks!
Or you could just ask these three.

we all love it and beg for it at least once a week

We are getting all of our "good" eating out of the way because we are starting Pam's cleanse on Monday
yikes...scary!  You can find the link here.
Can we really do this....living wiht a hubby who loves to cook...I'm hoping it will make it easier....but I don't know...I have a lot of delicious meals to miss and crave.
Wish us luck.

Do you guys have dance wii?  Janey got the family version for her birthday.
It is hilarious to watch and a pretty decent workout if you do a bunch of songs in a row.
The girls are loving it.
I think Janey just hit the wall....must have been all that skating

So there you have it.
A small glimpse into our weekend.
It was a good one.
I will leave you with this scrumptious little picture.
Riley dressed Aubrey in her robe.  
They kept calling her Strega Nona?!?!
She wore it for hours!!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!
Enjoy the day,


  1. looks like a fun filled weekend. I like your topper a bit blurry it gives it an old time picture quality to it

  2. please, she's so much cuter than strega nona!! that looks like an amazing weekend to me, especially the food - yum!!

  3. You guys did eat GOOD this weekend! Please tell me that Dave's not good at cleaning up the kitchen afterwards...this will at least make me a tad less jealous!
    I can't believe you guys are doing the cleanse! Good luck with that!
    Love the last picture!

  4. Fun! We made pioneer woman cinnamon rolls on Fri...oh my goodness are they amazing...and they are ALL gone! Hitting the gym lots this week! :) Is this the Just Dance game? I bought zumba for myself..very fun workout.
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my art!

  5. Love the pictures, and the first one, the self portrait is adorable! Oh my mouth is watering with all of that food talk. How I would love to dig into some of that pizza!! And, the chicken and dumplings...yum...i have not had any in forever! Looks and sounds like a great weekend.

    ps. Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I just love reading all of them. Just wanted you to know I appreciate you!

  6. Cindy, just noticed that another of my blog buddies had the blurry header issue, and she has a link in her post today on how to fix it. Check her out....she is on my profile page...The Frat Pack + Me.


  7. Hi there,
    Sorry Kerri...Dave is actually great at cleaning up the kitchen as he cooks. He is a super neat chef!!:)

    Julie, it is the Just Dance wii, but it is the one for families. It has "Wheels on the Bus" type songs but also ones like "Who Let the Dogs Out?" too. They love it.

    Thanks Nicolle, I am heading there now.....

  8. Sounds like a great weekend and that pizza does look amazing!!


  9. Good luck on the cleanse!! I'm rooting for you!! And we have Just Dance 2 for the wii..so much fun!

  10. the tacos looks so yummy... i think i might be hungry :)

  11. I can't look at your yummy posts! What a cook your husband is! That pizza, could eat the whole thing! But the Chicken and dumpling soup... I've tried to make dumplings before and never had any luck. That soup looks devine! Good luck with the cleanse! Are your kids going to do it too?