Wish I had a bit more time to clean
and I mean do it right...corners and all.

I actually like to clean...when I have the time

and the energy

like now for instance...perfect time to get things clean
but someone is upstairs protesting her nap time with
loud whines and "Mamas"

oh well...another day slips by without dusting

and a quick vac 
instead of a real one will be on the agenda for today
and don't even mention moppin'

but just look at those sweet chubby fingers

I guess the cleaning can wait....

...I'm getting pretty good at these one-handed self-portraits...

Enjoy the day
messes and all,


  1. great pictures, Cindy!!

    You are getting good at the one handed shots. . .its adorable!

  2. love the water photos. and cleaning often takes a backseat here too. I'd rather have a bit of dust and happy kiddos than spend all my time fretting over how clean my house is

  3. What great pictures Cindy!! Playing with your camera is definately more fun than cleaning! ;)

  4. Cool photos Cindy!

    I have been obsessing all morning about the cleaning around here. sigh. If only someone would come dust those secret places, I would do the rest. :)

  5. hey, cindy, you got the header to be focused! what was the secret?? those photos of the running water are super cool - looks almost like beads, they're really amazing!

  6. Your new camera--great pictures!~

  7. Hi friends...I have no idea what I "did" to get those cool water shots...just luck I guess!!:)

  8. no worries... the mess will always be there... more time with the kids is much more important! who could resist those cheeks!!

  9. How is your blog always so cute and different each time I visit??!! You are too creative!

    I am tired of cleaning. I'm ready for February and to not think about it anymore!

  10. Precious , precious, children...

  11. I love the self, one handed, mommy and baby shots. You'll love those forever! Have a great night! tara

  12. You are rockin' your new camera, Cindy! Great water shots and YES, those self portraits are looking good. :)

    THank you for the sweet comments you left regarding my mom. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated.

  13. Hope your cleansing is going better than the cleaning!!

  14. Such sweet photos! No worries about the cleaning, it is always there! Soon your darling daughter will be off to school, enjoy this time with her, as it goes too fast! hugs, Cathy