{Soups On}

Well...we are in day 4 of our cleanse and I think today feels like our best day yet.
I have to admit, day 1 and 2 were tough!
And I mean tough.
I guess I never really realized how much I eat during the day.
I am definitely a snacker.
Making meals and snacks for the girls didn't help either.
Man a bowl of Goldfish never looked so good!:)

Dave made the most amazing soup last night.
I seriously had three bowls of it.
I think it was the best soup I have ever had.

Now if I just had a big crusty piece of bread to go with it.....

Make this soup and
enjoy your dinner!!:)


  1. Yum! Ok, are you just following all this online in the tiny boxes and surfing around or do I need to pick up the magazine? I think I'm going to give it a try....

  2. Hi Julie,
    We are just following the recipes and stuff from the web-site, but I actually did order a copy of the magazine. It looks really good!

  3. Good for you Cindy. . .

    It sort of makes it a little easier when you know that your are accomplishing a really big thing. . .well, maybe not easier, but more rewarding:)

    Have a good day!

  4. The soup looks delicious. I know what you mean, I snack all the time, way too much. It's easy to do when you have little ones, but I know it's so bad for me. I hope you continue to do well on the cleanse. That is awesome!

  5. looks good and you are doing great to have that much will power!

  6. goldfish are good.... they don't just look yummy :)

    good luck with your cleanse!

  7. That soup looks delicious! Good luck with the cleanse and have a great afternoon!


  8. Good job Cindy! I really need to do the same. That soup looks yummy!

  9. I need to read more about this cleanse! I'm sure my husband would do it with me...if I asked really nicely! :)
    The soup looks so good...can you eat as much as you want of it?! :)

  10. I'm a HUGE snacker, too, cindy ... I've done one cleanse before (30 days, ouch!) and it had great results ... but man oh man was it ever hard - especially the snacking part ;-) Definitely gonna bookmark that soup recipe - yum! Was it easy?!

  11. This soup looks great. I'm going to print the recipe and try it. I'm always looking for something premade for me for lunch. But I'll have the big crusty piece of bread with mine, I just can't do it. Good luck :)

  12. WOW! you are doing the cleanse? now where is the recipe for that lovely soup? I made Kim's broccoli soup the other day. It was great & you can find it here: http://whatamigoingtobewhenigrowup.blogspot.com/2011/01/comfort.html
    have a great day! cathy

  13. I love soup and always looking for a good recipe! Looks delicious!

  14. That recipe sounds good. I can't wrap my head around the almond butter in it though? I guess the soup has a Thai flavor?