{Weekend Glimpses}

Ok...this cleanse is hard.
We had a cheat night on Friday.
and honestly it was great.
We had pizza, soda and ice-cream for desert.
Wow when I cheat I guess I really cheat.
The funny thing is, the night was awesome.
We ate pizza and bread sticks right out of the box
Played the music really loud
and all danced like crazy.
Somehow the night wouldn't
have been quite the same with a salad and grilled chicken.
What in the world does that say about me?
I have absolutely no will power I guess.
Glad I don't have any real addictive issues to try and overcome
or I'd be in real trouble.

Looking back over my blog recently I noticed my pictures of these two are pretty hard to come by.
Why do they have to be away from me all day at school anyway.
I miss them.
ever notice that one little hair is there a lot...drives me c.r.a.z.y.!:)

for the record, Riley does not have an ipod
she just likes to plug Dave's ear buds into her cd player and pretend

Saturday night was family movie night.
We watched Secretariat.
It was awesome. We seriously loved it and now Janey wants a horse.
Even though I was pretty good all day
eating my soup and having that above mentioned grilled chicken and salad for dinner
I did cave to the popcorn (Dave resisted...bugger).
It was yummy too.

Look what I made.

I bought a Martha Stewart kit for these at TJ Max for $7, way before Christmas.
Finally got them done and hanging above Aubrey's crib.
I need a picture of her in bed pointing up at her "poofs" as she calls them.
They look so great in her room.
The big girls love them too.
I have a feeling more poofs are in my future.

Did a little bit of Valentine decorating last week.
Saw this idea here and modified it a bit.
I was way to scared and lazy to pull out my sewing machine
so I settled for yarn and scotch tape.
I think they look pretty....from a distance.:)

Riley loved the idea so she made some for her room.

We were in a lovey kind of mood this weekend so more Valentines Day crafts were in order.
We used to do these in my classroom with love notes to each other on them.
I saw the idea again here and it reminded me of just how pretty they look.
We skipped the love notes...but there are more of those to come.
I promise.

This little girl has been eating with her toes on the table forever.
Can't tell you how much I love it.

Janey and Aubrey enjoyed some good birthday party fun.
We have been singing "Happy Birthday To You" with every ones name in it for about a week now.
I'm ready to move on to a new favorite song.

Riley did a lot of this...as usual.

She didn't stay alone for long.

This is burning in my kitchen right now.
Oh how I love Target.

Dave went out of town again....sigh...
He left a day early because of the snow that's on it's way.
He is such a sweet, sweet hubby.
He grilled some chicken for me and made me a huge salad to eat for the next few days.
I promise when I go out of town...which hasn't happened since 2008, I always deep clean the house and do ALL the laundry first!:)

What did you do this weekend?
Enjoy the day,


  1. looks like a fun and busy weekend. I always say that if you are going to go extreme in your diet change you have to put in a cheat now and then or you will never last. it's not like you are a biggest loser contestant who is eating a whole large pizza a day and need a total revamp on your diet. don't kick yourself, just get back in the game if you want

  2. The cleanse is hard Cindy. Don't be too hard on yourself. I cheated too! I've made those Martha puffs too! I got mine at Michaels..love them! Have a great day!!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun weekend as usual!

    Love the poofs.
    Love your mantel.
    Love the handing hearts.

    Love toes on the table...well, not here anymore anyway. Once feet get bigger, for some reason, not as cute anymore!

    So nice of Dave to hook you up with some "cleanse" food before he left. Have you lost any weight eating like this?

    All your pics are really good...I feel like I'm always saying that!

  4. oops...that's "hanging" hearts!
    I really should look over my comment before I hit the button!

  5. Love all of the pictures! At least you danced and burned off the calories from the pizza, right?! Sounds like such a great night. I love the poofs you made. They are so cute and just perfect for her room! Love the hearts too. That makes me want to do some sort of craft with Boyd today. We are on our way to Walmart, so maybe we will pick something up. Have a good day!

  6. I knew I was forgetting something, that candle must smell really good. I will have to look for those at Target. I prefer to burn soy candles when I burn one!

  7. oh my goodness, cindy, where to start?!?! what a coincidence that we also rented secretariat over the weekend! Wasn't it wonderful?!! We all loved it ;-) and the poofs?! that's another funny coincidence ... we made those last May for a big school performance ... 3rd grade moms were in charge of decorations and we made poofs for around the risers where the kids were performing ...


    I didn't have any 'readers' back then, and the post was about my littlest, not about the poofs - but my girls loved those poofs so much that we ended up taking a couple of them home so they could each hang one in their room ... they're great!!

    I love your heart chains, I'm going to have to follow your links on those b/c we have more snow on the way and I'm looking for indoor projects ;-)

    ok, way too long a comment - sorry, but I couldn't help myself ;-)

  8. I love it when we can turn our thoughts to Valentines Day. . .put all the snowman stuff away and thing of pink and red!

    You are always so positive about Dave being gone. . .amazing. . .David has been working 12 hour days most of January and I have to admit it is getting old! Hope you have an uneventful week while he is gone!

  9. Cindy your house looks so warm and cozy! Love the picture of the girls reading together. That white cozy blanket Riley's using looks like the one I want from PB :))

  10. Love the poofs. Now I want to make some for over Evie's crib!~

  11. LOVE those poofs! I'm going to have to look for those. They are so fun and colorful. Love the hanging hearts too. I love to decorate for Valentine's Day too. We kept our little white Christmas tree out and have it decorated with hearts. It just makes me smile when I see it. :)

  12. Your post got me in the mood to do some valentines day decorating around here. We could use some paper hearts. Your family is so sweet. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your hubby out of town. No fun!

  13. So much sweetness wrapped up in one weekend! Good for you for even trying a cleanse...

    Your girls are so sweet, and I miss my kids too. School takes too much of them, doesn't it?

  14. Suppossedly cheating a little helps you stick to it...I've heard.
    We saw Secretariat too...such a great story!
    Cute craftiness...cute room too.

  15. Fun Valentines day decorating... love the hearts out of book paper?? I haven't clicked over yet!! and great job on the puffs!! =) I need to keep reading and see what your cleans is.. I am going gluten and dairy free (mostly) b/c my body is a mess... and it is helping some!!

    The Flower ABC Rummy is so worth every penny!! I LOVE it! Hours of fun Abby and I have had together!! great for camping too... We bought them when she was reading a ton of Flower Fairy books too... sweet sweet memories then and now!!