{Iced In}

No school today and the girls will be thrilled.
See, they don't know it yet.
I found out right at bed time last night.
But if I told them you know what would have happened right?
They would have woken up super early because...well...there was no school.
That is the way it works remember.
So instead they are all sleeping soundly
warm in their beds and it's after 7!
That's my snow day I guess!!:)

I had a feeling this would happen so I visited Redbox, Michael's and the grocery store.
We are all set with goodies to make, bake and watch.
I have a feeling it will be a wonderful day.

Can you believe it is February first already?
And speaking of February, have you seen this idea.
I am doing this in some fashion or another starting today.
It certainly won't look as cute as Leslie's 
but there will still be lots of love involved and that's what matters right?

So happy February my friends!
Start spreading the love!
I will be right here
all iced in doing the same.
waving bye-bye

Enjoy the day,


  1. that is a cute project. Enjoy your snow, ummm ice day and stay warm

  2. I hope you have fun baking and crafting today. You are a very smart mama not to tell the girls last night about the snow day! :)

  3. We're iced in this morning too Cindy! Sounds like you guys have a FUN day planned ahead!
    Love the February advent calendar...so cute! I'm going to try and see what supplies I already have around here and come up with something.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Sounds like most of the country needs to take your advice.
    We're supposed to have a high of 48 tomorrow. If that's any inclination of what's headed your way, I'm really sorry.

  5. sounds like you have a great day ahead! movies and crafts...wish i was a kid at your house with a snow day today! thanks for linking my blog today. i appreciate it and i'm so glad you felt inspired to build up your family with your words of love! they will feel it. have a great day, Leslie

  6. You are one prepared mama! We are snowed in here in Texas too. I woke up early to check and see if school was cancelled, turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep! Dreamy!

  7. you have that same joy that I did 3 weeks ago when we got our very first snow days ... I have to say, 5 snow days later and I'm running low on joy these days!! At this point, we have to start making up our snow days - booooo! At least, like you, I'm prepared!! Kitchen is stocked for soup, popovers, and ... YOUR chocolate sugar cookies (!!!!) ... yum yum!!

  8. snow and ice here too...i do the same thing, not telling them, i'll get a few extra minutes of sleep anyways!!! love the idea of love notes to each other...i am so going to do this!!!

  9. thanks for the linky to Leslie's post. . .gonna have to go back for a longer visit!

    We get tomorrow as our very first snow day of the year! We are so excited!

  10. Hope you enjoyed your iced in day!
    You are smart for not telling the kids the night before. I would totally do that too.
    Glad you got signed up for the class! It sounds like it will be fun. Happy shooting. ;)

  11. So lucky you have a snow day! I wish we had a "rain day!" Love the advent calender. Great idea :)

  12. snow day here...again. Crazy! hope your day was fun!

  13. It's nice when we can stay in and not have to ravel out in it. Today we are blasted with ice yuck. But we're keeping very busy!

    have a great day!


  14. Hope you enjoyed the snowday... we're on our second here! Don't you just love em? Love not have to go somewhere. Love wearing sweats, love the calendar for the day wiped clean because everything is cancelled.