{Snowed In}

Well, our iced in day turned into a snowed in day
and we all couldn't be happier.
Another day to play, paint and practice our dancing.

I must admit, these two days with all my babies at home has been really lovely.
Very little grumpies and nothing a few books and a little Sesame Street couldn't patch right up.

One thing I have been missing is the silence.
When it is just Aubrey and I at home,
I have that hour and a half (most days) to just sit...sigh...breathe...and enjoy the silence.
I guess I have plenty of silent moments ahead of me
So for now, I'll embrace the noise.

Yesterday we threw winter out the window and made Nicolle's yummy lemon cookies.
They tasted just like summer and were the perfect distraction during a day long blizzard.

This morning we made our version of Leslie's Valentine Advent.
It was quick, easy and we already had everything we needed right here at home
I love those kind of crafts, and with all that blowing snow outside, it was a good thing.

What do you think?
I think they are just perfect.
Daddy is going to have some catching up to do when he gets home.
I think they would look so beautiful on a pretty little cake stand.
Target anyone......

I signed up for this little free on-line photography class, The Joy of Love.
Very first time I have ever done something like this, and so far (only day 2) it has been fun.
The assignment I missed on day one was to capture those you love and  what they do....

I know "playing" was a kind of literal interpretation of "what they do" but I still think a moment was captured.
I love the expression on Riley's face.
And the ones of Riley and Aubrey...be still my heart...
I was playing around with the settings on my camera and trying not to shoot in manual so the color looks a little off...but the moment was still there right?:)

Today we were supposed to capture how they look
I love a good just-got-out-of-bed-sleepy-eyed-bed-head look don't you?

{my favorite...Babi and her thumb...so, so Janey}

We were supposed to pay attention to having the lighting source behind us and try and capture the catch light in their eyes...do you see it??:)  I do too....I'm so excited!
Here are a few more of Riley and Janey sharing in that sisterly love.
Giggles and squeals were all real.

{I told Riley she was good at this and she said, Yeah, I can hold this smile for hours!}

{the lighting seems a bit different on Janey, she is kind of squinty}

Go ahead and check out this class and play along with the rest of us.
I think you'll like it.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your jars Cindy...such a cute idea!
    Your pictures are fantastic! I'd play along...except I don't have a nice camera!!!! Darn!

  2. Can I tell you how much I love the little ray of sunshine that always comes from your corner of the world? Thanks for that. I've needed it lately.
    And I signed up for the photog class. I'm only two days behind, right? Thanks for the tip, and here's hoping you thaw out a little tomorrow.

  3. ok, this is starting to freak me out how we're doing the same things at the same time! We also made valentine jars today! I just took my favorite valentine ideas out there in blogland and put it all together with the girls this morning (we're all snowed in too) - we spent the morning stuffing one another's jars with "I love you because" and/or "I love you when" papers - and hopefully we'll keep at it indefinitely - we had so much fun with it! ... yours look GREAT!! I might have to steal the yarn/tag idea, so cute!

    Another similarity? I'm also doing that same online "joy of love" workshop ;-) I know we both got it from Kim, so it isn't really a total coincidence, but still ... between today's activities and the whole secretariat thing from the weekend, isn't it kinda strange?! Were you also making popovers and creamy potato-cauliflower soup today?!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful and I love how you captured so many cute expressions on the girls' faces! I loved all of them. So glad you made the lemon cookies. Definitely makes you feel a little like summer, huh?! :) Your Valentine's jars are cute too. Love them!

  5. Yeah, Cindy! You did great! I totally see the catchlights. I LOVE the photo with the thumb sucking. That's my little ballerina. I was going to try to catch her w/her fingers in her mouth. I also ADORE the pic of the 3 girls reading. SOOOO cute!

  6. very cute pictures. I love jars I want to try to remember that for next year

  7. you'll have to tell us if this class is good or not. . .I almost decided to go for it last night when Kim mentioned it, but we have such a busy, busy month I wasn't sure if I would have time!

  8. great pictures! I'll need to check this site out.

    Have a great night!


  9. Thanks for the sweet words guys!
    You seriously made my day!!
    Enjoy the night

  10. Way to go Cindy! Your photographs look fabulous! Hmmm? Maybe I should join in on the fun..it sounds great! Glad you had a good day!

  11. sweet picture sof your girls, Cindy! we are on Day 3 tomorrow of no school, I can't believe it! have fun!

  12. it was 60 degrees here with a chilly wind and i was upset. i can't even imagine living in all of that snow. but it looks like you guys made the best of it.

    i signed up for the joy of love also, and still havent' gotten started. i figure if i do half of them i'll be in pretty good shape.

    love your valentine advent.

    have a great day.

  13. I've got to look into that class. Love the light in their eyes. Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about love having them home but lovin the blessed hour of silence... I'm in it right now but the clock is ticking. Not looking forward to this afternoon. It's our crazy one. Have a cozy afternoon and evening. Thanks for the tip on the advent valentines too. Is that your handwriting on the jars? You MUST be a teacher! :)

  14. I love the jars too!! ;) I have this jar post I have been working on ...just waiting for me to finish!! Your valentine jars would fit in real nice with my post!! ;)

    Love all the sweet pictures of your girls... they seem to get along so beautifully...lots of love for each other in their eyes and smiles! ;)

  15. Jars! Of course! Great job making the advent your own, I LOVE it. And I love your darling girls. Isn't it nice to have those unexpected days with the kids at home? I never realize how much I miss my kids until I get them for some uninterrupted, unplanned time. Always the best.

  16. Great pictures, very sweet :o)

    I like you jar idea too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment :o)

  17. Such sweet Jars. And, your family pictures are beautiful.

  18. Hey, it has been awhile and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your posts.


    Thanks again for the awesome meal and gifts. We loved it all. :)

  19. Cindy, this brought back so many memories. Thanks for letting me reminicse a bit. The photos are absolutely lovely. It is amazing how quickly it just becomes second nature.
    Take care

  20. wow!!!the pictures are amazing!!! love the one with the light in her eyes!!!