Happy Monday friends
Hope your weekend was a good one.

We did a little bit of this and a little bit of that
dancing and
playing games.
We are currently in love with this game.
So so fun.
We got this one awhile back and are anxious to try it out tonight.
We hear it's a good one.

Didn't pick up my camera very much this weekend.
I can usually tell the kind of weekend I had by how many pictures I took.
I think I spent too much time stressing over the little things and not enough time loving the little things.

Stressing over...
Girls Scout cookies (I'm the cookie mom)
classroom parties and
homemade Valentines.

I swore last year that we were going to try our hand at making our own.
But I think we have waited just a bit too long to get started.
What do you think?
Have you finished yours yet?
I really love these.
And so do the girls.
Of course ours wouldn't be nearly as fancy.
Have you seen any your heart goes pitter-pat for out there in blog land....or anywhere else for that matter?

I am so behind on my joy of love class.
How can that be....it is only February 7th??

A few days ago we were supposed to be document those we love Then and Now.
I loved Kim's so I dug out a picture of my own burley surfer dude.
{I think Aubrey drew on his nose, that is not a surfing scar}

Gotta love that lightning bolt necklace.
This picture actually stares back at me everyday while I sit at my computer.
I didn't even know him then, but he looks much too cool for me!

This is one of my favorites from now
He lost the lightning bolt
but he's got all our hearts instead.

Have a Happy Day,


  1. Your blog looks great.
    I love the photos of your hubby. I thought I'd participate in the photo challenge, I have yet to do it. Hmmm. Still trying.

  2. those are very cute valentines and should be pretty simple if you have enough maps. hope you have a calm week

  3. I LOVE those Valentine's! I'm planning to make something similar for my family, but I was going to use fabric for the hearts. Those might be better b/c I can use some of BSD's nautical charts. Ohhhh...excited now!

    And, I LOVE that pic of YOUR BSD! He really does look like a surfer boy in that picture. Awesome! Thanks for the shout-out. Now get crackin on your assignments.

    PS...Your blog header is looking soooooo good, girl! I need to do something about mine.

  4. LOVE the old picture of your surfer hubby! What a cutie! The last picture of him with the girls is precious.

    I am stressing over a bunch of things right now too. ugh.

    Your new header is FABULOUS! Love it! Those pictures of the girls laying and looking up at the camera are so cute. I love the angle. Very good mama! :)

  5. LOVE the lightning bolt! That is classic and worth putting somewhere where you can run into it every few days. That would just crack me up everytime I saw it.

    And, homemade Valentines are overrated. We did them last year and I'm just not feeling it this year. Maybe since you have girls they'll appreciate it more, but mine could care less, as did their friends. Don't stress over it. Hugs.

  6. I love the then and now assignment. . . David still gets teased by his sisters about an eagle choker he wore back in the day!

    Have a great day and love the new header!

  7. Those are really cute valentines. I've never done hand made and probably never will. Oh Well! I too am behind on my Joy Of Love photos.

    Great photo of your hubby!
    Love you new header too :)

  8. Wow, Cindy, those homemade valentines with the map heart are fabulous! we have to make 36, so i'm thinking those are a no for us - what we usually do is a pencil with a pipecleaner around and around it that leads to a pink or red heart (up by the eraser) with a to/from. I bunch the pencils together to look like a bouquet of flowers ... but we've done those for a lot of years and are considering lowering the bar this year to store-bought ... we'll see (so to answer your question - no we're not finished!)

    LOVE your new february header, it's fabulous, especially the photo of the 3 girls!! And, on the topic of the GS cookies - we pick up our orders from OUR cookie mom on Thursday for distribution - yay!

    and PS - that "then" photo with the lightning bolt necklace is a riot ... reminds me of willie aames from 8 is enough, didn't he wear one of those?! Thank goodness your hubby has aged a zillion times better than poor willie aames ;-)

  9. Ok, Sloan's last paragraph has me cracking up!! Only someone our age knows who Willie Aames is! :)

    What a great picture of your husband and girls!

    LOVE your header and background...you are a pro now!!

    I wanted to do homemade valentine's with Brady this year...but I am stressing over here too. I need to make 150 cupcakes for Friday evening...organize class party for Monday...teacher gift...so...I bought the store ones. I really like the map ones you found! I've seen lots of complicated picture ones that are done somehow on the computer...but I don't have the time or patience right now to figure those out!