right here 
right now 
these things are making me

snuggle time on the sofa with one of my babies

finding that one patch of morning sunlight on the ground
and dancing
pretty important when it is -9 out

watching future mommies love
cereal for lunch...still in your jammies....

...with a furry friend.

What's making you happy today?


  1. stay warm... the chicago weather leaves something to be desired these days. the bus stop was HORRIBLE this morning!

    have a great thursday!

  2. oh my dear lord, cindy, THIS is making me happy today - these shots are adorable!! it's all about the footie pj's for me, probably the thing I miss most of all about having a little one! I love the first shot of you two looking right at one another - so much love :-)

  3. looks like lots of fun. I'm happy when my little ones remember to listen and follow directions which is not often today... lol. Hmmm maybe I should have had a jammies day here too

  4. the sunlight! it may be in the negatives but at least the sun is out! : )

  5. That first shot is too sweet for words!

    Hanging out with my mom, buying a lime candle, and making MORE pizza for dinner....that is what is making me happy today.

  6. I love the way she is looking at you in the first shot! Stay warm :)

  7. That first picture of you and Aubrey is so precious Cindy!
    I'm happy that it's Friday, I'm meeting my husband for lunch today and get to help out at school.

    Have a great day!

  8. Cindy! These are absolutely precious! I adore the one of the two of you together. And Aubrey w/her baby doll? So sweet. I want to eat her up!