{Valentines Day Memories}

I love how Sloan takes us all on a trip down memory lane with her time lapse Tuesdays.
Here is a small trip down our own little Valentines Day Memory Lane.
We had a big computer crash awhile back, so I only have two years available right here at my fingertips. 
The rest are in photo albums....in the closet...in the basement...


~that sticky note says 20 weeks~

~love notes on the fireplace and a scavenger hunt~
~the love loot~

~sister love~

Thanks for the great idea Sloan.
It's so much fun to see how everyone's family has grown....I might just need to borrow it again!

Have a happy day and a love filled weekend!


  1. Aren't you the cute pregnant Mama! I always wanted to be...but was too fat to be cute!! Oh well!

    I love the hearts around the fireplace! I might have to do a Valentine time lapse too...I can only think of one old picture from Valentines Day though!

  2. You are the cutest pregnant lady! gah!
    And, like Kerri...love those love notes around the fireplace.

    I did round the corners of my photos using picnik. I used the collage feature and then rounded the corners.
    Your header (which is ADORABLE, BTW) has rounded corners so you must be able to do them too?

  3. Sorry! Yes. Those are Crush bottles. I actually got the idea from a site that I believe YOU linked to. There's a boy in LB's class who is allergic to EVERYTHING so they asked for no candy. I'm sure he's allergic to soda too, but I couldn't resist. I figured the kids needed something a little over the top since they'll be getting a bunch of pencils. ;)

  4. cutest pregnant lady ever.... i always looked awful! Enjoy your weekend... enjoy the weather warm up! Well, if you thing 38 degrees is warm! HA!

  5. So sweet. Love that little trip down memory lane. I wish I had taken pics of me pregnant...only took a couple! :)

  6. oh my goodness, cindy, thank you so much for joining the time lapse fun, isn't it great?! I especially love the little 20-week belly, so adorable and manageable, the 2nd trimester was my favorite!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Cindy!

  7. So sweet! What a great way to look back and relive great memories! :-)
    Have a great weekend!!


  8. I can't believe how fast they change at Aubrey's age. . .she was just a baby last year. . .amazing!

  9. Beautiful pregnant Mama! Great pictures. Great memories.

  10. Oh my goodness... all the pregnant bellies I see in the land of blog (even the old ones) makes me want another!! only hubs does NOT ... and well.. I was snipped!! I keep hoping God will make me one of those women whose snip failed... ha ha... (sh...) anway... You are darling with child!!

    love this post... great idea!!