They say change is good right?  Well, lately I have been walking around our home looking at the same old things in the same old places and wanting to take it all down, and start over.  Ever feel that way? I'm not talking big changes like tearing down walls or even repainting, just freshening things up a bit and maybe updating my style along the way.  

Our little bookcase in the kitchen eat in area was a perfect place to start.   Some of these things have been in practically the same places since we lived in FL...now that is just plain sad!

I wanted to lighten up the bookcase a bit but painting required more effort and patience then I had at the moment, so I decided to take the shelves out and cover the back with wrapping paper instead.  
Easy, inexpensive and done in one day.  My perfect kind of project.

I began filling it with only the things I really loved.  Projects made by the girls.  Inspirational quotes and things we actuallly use every day. It also became a great place to store some of our art supplies that up until now have been locked in a cabinet away from little hands.  But guess what...the big hands didn't reach for them as much either so it was time they found their way back into our everyday.

I also added some books and things on the lower shelves for Aubrey to play with while we are doing homework and working in the kitchen.  She loves this little area.

 Today Aubrey and I headed to Target in search of a few more little changes for the eat in area.  We found these new place mats and I moved my pitcher of wild flowers that used to be on the mantle to the kitchen table.

I don't think our kitchen table can get much "springier"

Just tell that to our weather man who is predicting between 4-7 inches over night.

So there you have it.  Hopefully my first of many little changes around here.
What little changes are you dreaming of?
Have a happy night,


  1. hi cindy! I love what you did to the shelves! I'm also longing for changes around here - i get into such ruts :-( Even my picture frames are in a rut - it's been literally YEARS since any fresh photos were put into them, if you can believe it! Thankfully, we recently spruced up the girls bathroom, stay tuned for a post ...

  2. What a great idea Cindy to put wrapping paper behind the shelves for a little change...it looks great! It looks like you filled it with supplies that will actually get some use. Is that a little clay penguin on the top shelf? Brady has one that looks identical that he made in school...just curious! It must be the time of year...because I am wanting some changes around here too...except I am learning that it doesn't come easily for me...which really frustrates me!
    Happy Friday!

  3. love the recreation of your spaces. it's always fun to freshen up a space with simple easy solutions.

  4. love the paper idea Cindy. . .clever and inexpensive!

    those flowers just say summer! I am not happy about the snow in the forecast either!

    But, March is almost here!

  5. I am such a jar girl too!! I have this jar post waiting in the wings!! Do you read Pleated Poppy? She did a jar post a couple weeks ago... I went around snapping picture of my jars... but haven't posted it yet!! anyway... that is the first thing I noticed... makers, pencils, art supplies in jars... makes me happy! I love the Aubrey shelf!! We had baby shelves on the tv stand, in the kitchen, dining, etc. for a long time... =) I am itching to finally decorate our lower living area... re-paint and re furnish (properly) our living area... we moved here 4 years ago... I think it is time!! =) (I painted one area 2 years ago... hate it... and painted my kitchen last spring... hate it..*ugh*) It is time to make it lovable!! just waiting for 60 degree weather!! =)

  6. The bookcase looks great! I love it that you filled it with such important, meaningful things! The flowers are beautiful and such a great way to get into the spring mood!