{Right Now...}

Aubrey is feeling so much better and I am grateful for that.  Every time my babies don't feel themselves, I can't help but think of all those parents whose dear ones are really sick.  My heart breaks for them.  I feel so blessed it was nothing more then a  little cold and cough. 

This little book is waiting for me at the library.  
I can't wait to get started.

It is 61 outside! We all feel gloriously inspired to get outside and play.  
The girls have been out in the backyard till dark every night this week.  I am dreaming a bit of cleaning out a muddy winter garage this weekend....maybe?

I am having a bit of a love hate relationship with my camera.  I think I know just enough to realize that I should be doing soooo much more then I am...does that make sense?  I know I have to be patient and keep on keepin' on...but it's easier said then done. 

Hope your {Right Now} is wonderful too.
Have a happy day,


  1. oh cindy - so so cute - i'm glad she's feeling better!! she's really growing up so fast - it's crazy!

    those 60 degree temps are supposed to hit us tomorrow - one day only, but yay! enjoy your weekend!!

  2. She's so cute Cindy! Glad she's feeling better.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the camera!

  3. My "right now" is sipping coffee and watching Oprah and wondering when I should wake Boyd from his nap! :) Life is good!

    When I get frustrated with my camera, I put it away for a few days. AND, I remind myself not to take it too seriously. I think you are doing a fantastic job. I am loving all of your pictures.

    So glad your weather is nice! Ours is too and we are loving it. Glad Aubrey is feeling better too. I feel just like you described when Boyd is sick, and am so grateful b/c I know it could be so much worse.

    Have a good night!

  4. reilly just came in from the backyard soaking wet.... this melt has our backyard very soggy! good luck with your garage this weekend.... mine is in terrible need of cleaning!

    love the photos and glad your baby is feeling better!

  5. I'd say you are doing awesome with your camera. Those pics are pretty cool.

  6. yes! i always think the same exact thing when my kids are sick and count my blessings, literally. lovin' this weather!

  7. Glad your baby is feeling better...little tiny ones sick are so much harder than older little ones sick!

    My new camera is more simple than yours.. but... I know what you mean... I hate the learning curve... I wish someone could walk me through a hands on lesson when ever I need advise (all the time) ha ha!! ;) Just keep snapping! just keep snapping! ;) Next year this time you will see the growth!! I think your pictures are great!

  8. I keep telling my husband he needs to clean the garage!! It's so gross from all the salt and dirty snow.
    Glad Aubrey is feeling better. Seems like so much is going around right now. I was able to open our windows yesterday and get the germs out!( Hopefully they went out the window!).
    I think your pictures look great!
    Have a super weekend!

  9. I too always wonder how mom's do it when they truly have a seriously sick child. My heart goes out to them. I'm just going to ignore your weather. sigh. I like pretending everyone in the world is waking up to -27.
    What kind of camera do you use?

  10. Hi Cindy,
    So glad Aubrey is feeling better! I so know what you mean about love/hate with the camera. I know that I know nothing about lighting and how change whatever settings on my camera to adjust to lighting. So many pictures bad because of that. This weekend I think I'm leaving my camera in the bag. Enjoy the 61 weather. Oh, I wish. The wind is howling here and it's 30 today!

  11. Such cute shots...so glad she is better.
    I have so much to learn about my camera too....your photos are fabulous!
    Your valentine's collage and photos are so cute too.
    Happy weekend!

  12. I know exactly what you mean about your camera. I feel the same way. Every step forward I take I realize there's still a mountain to climb.

    These B&W's are so pretty. Love the way the light falls across her face in the last shot.