{Weekend Glimpses}

Hello friends
Happy Monday to ya!
Our weekend was pretty wonderful..how about you?

Riley and Janey had a Girl Scout event on Saturday that took up most of the morning, so we used that time with just Aubrey, to get a jump start on the garage.  Goodness was that place ever nasty...wish I had thought to take some before and after pictures.  Dave worked so hard and kicked it's muddy little behind back into shape and it looks great.  Feels good to pull the car in now...but alas we have a 70% chance of rain/snow today....victory can be so short-lived sometimes huh?

Sunday was pretty lazy but wonderful.
Riley had a bit of a sore throat so we let her sleep in and we skipped church. I did some cleaning upstairs while the girls ran their pretend circus in the basement.  There were jump ropes turned to tight-ropes and clowns riding in Cozy Coupes so it was all good.

Riley wrote this Weekend List during free time on Friday...

that girl has ambition don't ya think?!?:)

My favorite part of Sunday had to be the pizza dinner.  
I've already told you Dave can rock the pizza world and I know I need to do a pizza post soon.  We cranked this night up a bit with classic rock playing on Pandora and dancing in the kitchen.  Something about Bob Seger, CCR and Otis Redding... they just say pizza night to me. {Dad...you would have loved it...}

{this was so cute, she saw me taking all these pictures of the girls dancing and kept sayin "mama, mama" and stompin' around ...like "look at me, look at me!!"}

Then to top the night off...Janey lost her tooth!

We have this small rather creepy collection of teeth in our kitchen cabinet.  She has three waiting in a bag to give to the tooth fairy...I guess she's waiting for just the right time...or she's saving for something big and this is like a forced savings account or something.

So what did you do this weekend?
Have a Happy Day,


  1. It's always a FUN weekend at your house! I'd love to hear more about Dave's pizzas!
    I sent you a big ol repy to the paint link you had sent me...I'm wondering what happened to it? Sorry you didn't get that. I saved the link...definately looks like an easier way to finish the cupboards. I saved it to show Eric...but haven't showed him yet. He's still recovering from all those "paint the cupboards" comments I showed him! Thanks for the link! We get our kitchen painted tomorrow. I bought fabric yesterday....can't wait!

  2. Yes yes yes - please do a pizza post!! YUM!! What a wonderful weekend you had ... I especially love Riley's to-do list, my goodness is her handwriting ever neat!!

  3. thanks for stopping by to say to say hi :) i adore that list ... a new hairstyle? give my bike a bath? sooooo good. :)

  4. don't ya love how they are all so very different?? Loving that bag of teeth for a rainy day! I always say I would love a window into their little minds to see just what they are thinking!

  5. Looks like a fun time! I'd love to see the pizza post too :-)


  6. looks like they had a great weekend. did she get to accomplish all on her list? It was rather ambitious, but that's not a bad thing

  7. Your house always looks so happy, so fun! Love all of these pictures. Riley's weekend list made me smile. :)

    Coming over for pizza. Be there soon!! :))

  8. That's so funny that she saves her teeth! She's going to cash them all in one of these days. Sounds like such a fun weekend. I think I'm craving pizza tonight:) Seriously!!

  9. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun, especially the dancing! I think that my Anna and Riley would really get along. I was reading and showed Anna Riley's list and she ran off to do a list of her own. Funny! Enjoy your night Cindy, tara

  10. That picture of Aubrey dancing is precious! And, the LB lost her first tooth on Friday too. She was beyond excited!

  11. Aww, they are so adorable!!!!!! = )) Your weekend looked like so much fun!!

  12. What a great weekend! Sounds like you had a great time. Pizza night sounds like so much fun! I love Riley's list!