{I Love My Life}

happy tuesday friends
we had some gorgeous weather yesterday
dare i even say "hot"
the girls were all running in and changing into shorts
complaining about the heat

last week i picked up riley from school and we headed out to get a birthday party gift
it was so nice to have this time alone
we chatted about the day
uninterrupted by others
she told me all about typical third grade drama
recess fun
who teases whom
we wandered from store to store
holding hands
I asked her if she would still hold my hand when she was 15
she said "sure why wouldn't i mom?"
love that

as we were pulling out of the parking lot
she said "I love my life!"

she said it with such genuine joy that it seriously almost made me cry
i told her i love mine too and that we should always remember how truly blessed we are

i love this little girl
and she is growing up so very fast

i hope you had a "love my life" 
kind of day too,


  1. Awwww...what a sweet girl that Riley is! I think it's great when parents make time to spend with each of their children one on one. My husband has two brothers and he says his parents never spent one on one time with them....they didn't want anyone to feel left out. Which actually made him feel not all that special. Good thing my inlaws didn't have girls! Anyway...not sure why I just wrote that!

    Hope you guys have a beautiful day!

  2. Beautiful picture of Riley! Bless her sweet little heart for saying that. I am sure it would have made me cry. I hope Boyd will hold my hand when he is 15, although I might have to toughen up some, because I'm doubting he will! :(

    We've had a couple days like that too lately, where it has seemed HOT, although it's only in the 80s. Loving this beautiful weather.

    You have such a sweet family!

  3. Aww, isn't that so sweet. She is indeed so very blessed. You have such sweet girls.

    Enjoy your day Cindy!

  4. What a beautiful picture of your daughter. It really caputres that "I love my life" feeling. She's priceless.

  5. How fun to spend time with just her!
    I love it when that happens...

    Hope today is just as wonderful!

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  7. So sweet! Those moments are the best! So great being able to spend some one on one time too. That is something they will remember. Hayley and I enjoy Mother/Daughter days too.


  8. Lucky that you both had that moment simultaneously.
    I have that kind of life too. Aren't we blessed?

  9. She is so sweet! and I love the "why wouldn't I"... he he... they grow up so fast... it hurts my heart and gives me such joy all at the same time!! =)

    My little girl and I did that very thing last night!! =) I love taking my children out one on one!

    and HOT?? **sigh** our Spring weather ain't THAT nice!! **sigh** =)

  10. Ok...That made me tear up! So blessed :)

    Your girls are so adorable!