{Spring Break Glimpses}

happy sunday friends
we have had a busy fun filled week
lots of shopping
lots of play
lots of reading
lots of cleaning and decluttering
lots of smiles
lots of love

the girls were on spring break this week
so just like during the summer, my one and a half hour nap time/alone time
changed to watch me dance/paint/play/ride time
but that's ok
it's all good

dave happened to be out of town last week too, which was a total bummer
but we made the best of it
pancakes for dinner and all

the girls really wanted to go to chicago with daddy for the week
but the thought of the four of us wandering around the city by ourselves all day really didn't appeal to me that much...is that bad?

so to satisfy their need for a hotel bed and pool, we surprised them last saturday and took them to indy for the night
{they love it when we surprise them with a trip we have done it three times before, once even to disney about three years ago you should see that video it is priceless}

we had a ton of fun swimming,

having a fancy dinner out 

and  eating tons of ice-cream

I even got a chance to wander around Anthroplogie
never been before and wow
that store is awesome
way to pricey for me, but still fun

everything was great till the power went out in our room 
our whole side of the hotel actually
we spent about four hours in the lobby with 100+ other people 
lots of basketball fans and a few girls soccer teams
the girls loved it cause they kept bringing out free food to make everyone happy
i guess they figured bags of sun chips and bakery fresh cookies would do the trick
it did
for awhile
finally at 11:30pm we could take it no more and got another room
we were holding out to try and get our suite back 
but instead we all had to squeeze into a regular room 
dave had to be escorted back to our original room by flashlight and
had to carry all our "stuff" up and down 8 flights of stairs
did I mention it was dark
and late
it was after midnight before we all got to sleep
lets just say no one moved till well after 8
everyone was smiling after our free breakfast and
another trip to the pool
they comped the room and gave us another night for free
so I guess all the drama payed off in the end right?

we spent the rest of the week doing all the little things we love to do
and adjusting to our crazy spring weather
we went from shorts on tuesday
to being snowed on coming out of panera thursday morning

riley dressed aubrey up for a photo shoot

pretty cute if i do say so myself

hope your week was a fun filled one too
minus the drama that is...
have a happy night,


  1. sounds like a great week, Cindy! sorry to hear about the hotel drama but i think the free stay next time make sup for it, huh? : ) aubrey looks like such a big girl dressed up for her photo shoot, so cute!

  2. Sounds like a crazy trip! But what a fun idea & what great memories you made with your lucky girls!! Hope this week is full of great weather & no power outages!!! :o)

  3. What an adventure! All the food would have kept me happy for a while too:)

    Aubrey looks so cute for her photo shoot!

  4. what a crazy trip that was, but at least you get another trip out of it. glad you enjoyed your spring break together, back to normal tomorrow?

  5. Our spring break isnt until easter week...crazy late and I am so very ready for a break!

    Our kids love,love,love a night in a hotel too! Hopefully the short nightdidnt make for crabby kids later!

  6. Sorry about the craziness with your hotel room...seems like you guys still had a wonderful time! That's what I love about your family...you guys always seem to have fun as long as you're together!
    Aubrey is too adorable...she is growing so fast!

  7. schmeeeee! that tummy in the ballerina outfit!! delicious. :) and who needs electricity in the middle of the night anyway?? weird why they wouldn't let you just stay. maybe fire alarms or something? probably liabiity i guess. glad it worked out anyway!! :)

  8. Sounds like great family time! At least the hotel worked out in your favor in the end! :-) Pictures are great, love the one of Aubrey eating ice cream.

    Have a great week!


  9. sounds like sooo much fun! Isn't staying in a hotel the best part of going away? Show us the Disney surprise video, please, it would be so much fun to see! My hubby is away during my girls April vacation week too, yuck! Glad yours is back!

  10. Sounds like a ton of fun! LOVE the ice cream photos. AND your ballerina, oh my goodness. That is PRECIOUS!

    Sorry about the ordeal at the hotel. Always makes for funny memories though, huh?! :) Glad you got away and enjoyed yourselves.