{These Days....}

i can't seem to keep enough books in the house
i think between them, the girls read over 20 chapter books this spring break
janey is really into this series by patricia reilly giff
riley is on the third book of this series by liz kessler and
aubrey loves brownie and pearl by cynthia rylant
i also started reading this delightful book by Steve Voake out loud to them in the evenings
we all love it
what books are your children really into these days?

have a happy day,


  1. It's so exciting to see our kids reading isn't it? For me, reading has always been a passion so I love watching my boys as they read. I have to say, though, your girls are really going to town with those books! Wow! My boys are easily seduced by all things 'screen' related. So, I have to work a little harder to remind them to pick up a book instead. Anyway, my oldest son has been enjoying 'Ready Freddy' books and, get this, The Guiness Book of World Records! That last one is a little less about reading and a bit more about some of the crazy pictures. But, at least it's a book!

  2. LOVE books! Cute pics of your girls! :)

    Boyd loves books. We read a lot of the old Sesame Street book club books that I have found at resale shops. Boyd also loves Harry The Dirty Dog, and still some of his nursery rhyme books that Kevin sings to him at night. :))

  3. Wow, that's alot of books! Good for your girls!!
    Brady has homework every night...so he hasn't been able (or chosen to!) to read many books lately. He is reading the Cam Jansen chapter books, and he's on the last book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I'm hoping he can get into another series (not sure what?!) by summertime.
    I'm reading A Champions Mind...Lessons From A Life in Tennis. (Pete Sampras) I'm only reading it b/c my husband just finished it. I need a good beach read!

  4. I love seeing my boys love reading, as I mention on my blog all the time. Blake is reading level 1 easy readers to himself. We are reading Authur's chapter books to him right now.

  5. That's so nice they love to read. Emily's reading the Romano and Beezus books. Lance just started a new series, but I can't remember the name and he has it with him at school, and Ben needs a new one. I'm always looking for good books. Thanks for all the ideas:)

  6. i can not WAIT till my babes are reading their own books. devouring each page. ... i adore reding to them... but it will be so FUN when they can read to ME!! :) what a great example for your little one too. :)