have you seen this?
janey's teacher sent home the link and we have been mesmerized by it.
it is really quite hypnotic and peaceful to watch
aubrey keeps going over to the computer to take a peek
every time she hears a sound.

now that's the real way to nest
no email
no blogs
no internet
or tv
just you
your home
your babies
and your man.
ahhh....sounds lovely

have a happy day,

seems to be a silly ad right when you open up the link
 open it up later on your own computer
we have been watching it all day without a single ad.....


  1. Thanks for the link, Cindy. My daughter loves animals, so she will be checking on it regularly. :)

  2. I'll show it to Emily later today. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jake will love this...thanks for sharing it!

    And I agree...peaceful, bliss!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! So far Kathleen and I have been enjoying it. I'll show Hayley when she gets home. So peaceful!


  5. We don't have speakers yet for our new computer...so no sound over here! I will have to get on Brady's laptop and check it out later!

  6. HI CIndy - yes, I'm back in the loop ... well, at least more in the loop than I have been anyway ;-) I love this link!! Definitely saving it for the girls to see - I see today's the estimated hatch day, what fun!

    I missed a whole lot over here ... just spent some time looking at pictures from the last 3 weeks of posts that I missed - they're all so much fun ... and I hope you have another "i love my life" day soon - that post was my favorite, what a blessed moment that was!