{A Good Day}

friday was a good day.
we ignored the cloudy skies and pretended that it was glorious and sunny.
the sun is trying with all it's might to peak out, and a beautiful weekend is in our forecast.
we have a pretty ambitious to-do list
everything from clean the girls rooms to go on a family walk
i have a feeling the walk might win

aubrey and i went to panera this morning
and then wandered around hobby lobby a bit
we saw tons of gardening goodies that really put me in the mood for spring

after doing a bit of cleaning
we decided to play around with the camera a bit
goodness i have been soooo lazy with my camera lately.....
we sure do kiss a lot i think

aubrey and i watched dvr'ed elmo on the floor together during lunch
we never do that but for goodness sakes why not?
it was fun
she had a cereal bar and some oranges
i had leftover homemade spinach pasta with oven roasted tomatoes
you can tell how much i liked it

those little feet are dancing and she's singing lalalala lalalala elmo's song

after our lunch
we ran over to school to surprise janey for her lunch
she was very excited to see us
aubrey made herself right at home
climbing all over the tables and all
lunch was fun
leaving was sad

aubrey is talking up a storm these days
she has the cutest little voice and a giggle that could make anyone laugh out loud

we surprised the girls with a movie night
we told them it was an oldie but goodie from their past
we made them close their eyes and loaded up an old barney we borrowed from a friend
they tried to be polite and act excited
then we yelled april fools and loaded up our new copy of tangled!
they loved it!

hope your friday was good too
have a happy night,


  1. I'm so jealous of your kisses. Evie refuses. Kinda stinker girl.

  2. that april fools joke is awesome!! and baby kisses are the absolute BEST!! :) happy weekend. :)

  3. My daughter's 7 and we still kiss all the time! I LOVE it:)

    I love it when they start talking too. So cute.

    Great April fools!

  4. Aubrey is so cute...and looking older by the day! (sorry mom!)

    LOVE your movie prank...that's funny!

    Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!

  5. Precious!!! I loved your April Fool's joke. Just hearing Barney's name is like nails on a chalkboard... Love the Tangled movie!

  6. such cute picture. love the strawberry shirt. and that was a great April fools joke

  7. Love the April Fool joke you pulled with the movie night, nice job! Tangled was so so wonderful - we looooved it - hope you guys enjoyed it too ;-)

  8. Oh, I miss Panera! Hope your great Friday turned into a great weekend!

  9. Such sweet pictures!

    Boyd sing Elmo's song all the time too. :)

  10. NEVER enough kisses! ( :
    Could she be any cuter????!!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  11. Fun April Fools joke...cute...glad they got the real movie before they had to endure much of Barney!
    Such fun everyday pics! These are the days!

  12. Hi Cindy. So glad I found your blog! Will be checking back often!

  13. hehe...love your April Fool's. We saw Tangled. Such a fun movie!

    *kiss, kiss*