hi friends
how was your weekend?

ours was good
lots of sunshine and smiles
a few things checked off the list
and some fun thrown in too

i've got to be honest though
i feel like i am spinning my wheels a bit
always running behind
trying to play catch up and getting no where

my everyday to-do list is leaving no room for my
extra major to-do list
can anyone else relate?
i feel like all those things i want to get done never seem to
i'm not talking super fun things either like a pedicure or lunch out with my friends
i'm talking things like organizing pictures on the computer, and maybe even printing some of the hundreds from the last two years, finishing my 40 bags in 40 days, reading my camera manual, updating aubrey's barely begun baby book (hello, she is almost 2!) and the list goes on and on.

i'd like to think i am a pretty balanced person
then why is it so hard for me to get my act together?

i know this little one takes a lot of my time
and believe me i wouldn't have it any other way
i guess i just need to get better at breaking my big jobs
into more manageable little pieces
and accepting the fact that some things just have to wait

and wait they will!

have a happy day,


  1. I've felt the same way lately. Maybe when this is over or that . . . and I never get there. Solution?

  2. You are getting so good with that camera....

    Its hard isnt it...knowing that they need you, but wanting to feel like you are accomplishing something!

  3. Looks to me like you don't need to read your camera manual! :)

    I have one that's gone all day at school and I still don't get to the bigger things that I'd like to get done. Maybe we'll get our pictures organized when our kids go off to college?!

    I write myself a daily list every morning of things I'd like to get done for that day- all the usual things. And then, I have a master/ ongoing list of things I want to get done- shampoo livingroom, start Grandma's shutterfly scrapbook, clean spare bedroom, etc. I don't get things crossed off that list very often...but when I do, it feels good!

    And, give yourself a break...you do a wonderful job everyday!

    Beautiful header...again!!

  4. I hear ya Cindy!!! It seems like there's always something that needs to get done before the "fun" things...like that camera manual!

  5. I feel that way often. I wish there was a solution, but it seems that often life gets in the way of life

  6. Can I relate you ask?! Since returning I feel as though I've been run over by a steam roller - barely getting daily chores done by the skin of my teeth and the long term things are just adding up and up and up. And what does that spell? o.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.e.d ... all over again!! Trying to take deep breaths, but mostly hyperventilating ... sigh ...

  7. Oh yes, let them wait! I just had the sinking, pit in my stomach feeling about the one day that I'll be alone at 11am with no one to cheer on as she learns to ride a tricycle. But I can also realate to not getting to the big list as dishes, lunches, caring for everyone list is endless. I've had a few not proud of melt downs to Scott crying saying, "I just want to get their pictures in books. I'm not trying to go for lunch out. Why can't I get to anything." I get that frustration every day. But I guess it's all about seasons. And along with you, right now those things will wait. Soak it in! Aubrey is beautiful!

  8. Oh balance, it eludes us all from time to time. Glad to see you have happy helpers - and chocolate!

  9. I have definitely been feeling the same way . . . I think that I will finish their baby books when they go away to college . . .maybe I will have more time then?? Hang in there and keep spending time on what is most important. :)

  10. Take a week off of your to do list. Sometimes I have to do that. My head gets to spinning and I feel SO very overwhelmed. You are a VERY busy mom of 3!!! I have the same list, and some of the same things on my list. Every single time I re write my to do list, it has, organize online photos. I got behind and now it's out of control!

    So, I'm only making it my goal for the year to get the pictures organized.

    Hang in there. Take a break. Step away from the things you can step away from for a little while!