today is much better then yesterday
does that happen to you?
you have a really stinky day and
the next day is always better

quite frankly, i love how that works out
maybe it was the whining to all who would listen
maybe it was just getting it out and letting it go
anywho, thanks for listening and
sharing my "unfocused-scattered-mind-lack-of-gettin'-it-done" pain
it really did help

yesterday aubrey and i went to the mall
we did the usual...visit the gap...wonder where the puppies went to and then have a pretzel
all was good until....

she had the biggest and i do mean biggest fit
right in the middle of gymboree and then proceeded to continue this fit
through the mall
past the easter bunny and
out into the parking lot

i was carrying her with one arm and trying to push my
extremely heavy 9 year old stroller with the other

i rolled with it pretty well i think
i mean come on, it's not like it hasn't happened to me before and it's
certainly not like it won't happen again
it was just her first
she's quite good at it i must say (not to mention heavy!)

today we decided on a stay home day
maybe if we put some time between the mall fit and our next trip out
all will be forgotten?!?!

i caught up with a dear friend on the phone this morning
one of my besties and a friend i dearly miss
we have been through so much together
babies and
all the glorious life stuff in between
we are planning a girls trip back to fl sometime this summer
as soon as little missy decides to wean.....
i really can't wait
for the trip that is ;) wink wink

aubrey and i surprised riley for lunch today
we were a bit early and
as we waited outside her door aubrey kept peaking in
she got riley's attention and then made the cutest little shy face
the teacher invited her in and she sat in riley's lap for about 5 minutes till lunch
they both were in heaven i think

the girls are off from school tomorrow and
dave is taking the day off too
we are going to work on fun things like
mulching flower beds and
booking our family trip to fl
all but the last one sound pretty boring to me
but we'll  feel good when they are done. :)

hope your day was simple and sweet
with no mall fits
have a happy day,


  1. Im glad we arent the only ones that havent finished taxes!!

    Hopefully it was a once in a lifetime fit :)

    Have a good weekend.

  2. LOVE these photos of the 3 girls together!! So glad things turned around for you - and so envious of your long weekend ahead - lucky you, even with the taxes on the to-do list ;-)

  3. so naughty...but so presh.

    annnnd we just turned in our taxes ta-day. bam!

  4. My 12 year olds first fit was in the mall too. I still remember plain as day!

    I've realized that we both love Panera's and eating pretzels at the mall! Hey, we know how to have a good time:)

    Glas your day was better today.

  5. Glad you're feeling better. I completely understand where you were coming from. LOVE that last picture of Aubrey in the last post!

  6. Have fun getting all the stuff done. I'm glad that your day was better. Enjoy your weekend, tara
    PS - Why do they always seem so darn heavy when they're in a full-on fit and you have so far to carry them. Whenever I'm in that situation (and I sure can think of more than a few times) the car is so far away!

  7. SUPER CUTE pictures! :)

    Sorry about the fit at the mall. Boyd is starting to really have them now. UGH.

    Finishing my taxes today or tomorrow, or maybe the next day! haha.

    happy Sunday!

  8. cute pictures! and I can't stand going to the mall! shop online!! and yes...I was wanting the name Jane. :)

  9. Those photos are amazing, the kids are adorable.