{Weekend Glimpses}

it seems these weekend posts are getting later and later in the week
i keep trying to get my act together
really i do!:)

we got most of our big list done
taxes are the only thing remaining
i guess that was an easy one to make last
those HAVE to be done right?
tonight is the night

our weather was simply beautiful this weekend
we played with friends
shared a lemonade stand
went for a walk
played at the park
rode our bikes
and cleaned out two bags of goodies to donate
life is good!

these two shared quite the photo worthy moment on sunday
i love it when the big girls slow down long enough to really enjoy aubrey

right where she is
doing her thing

sometimes she spends so much of her time running to catch up with them
i love it when they pause a moment
just for her

must be spring

someone is back

i swear they can't hear us when we call them for dinner

but they can hear this music two blocks away

hope your weekend was a happy one,


  1. Please tell me that Aubrey in not helping put away the silverware?!

    Sounds and looks like a great weekend! The pictures with Janey and Aubrey are adorable. LOVE the one of Riley and Janey from behind with their braids!

    We are finishing our taxes tonight too. It makes me feel better knowing someone else is still working on them too! Most people I know have had them done long ago!

  2. Those face to face pictures are adorable.

    What a great weekend.

    And taxes? Ugh.

  3. Those are great pictures Cindy! You captured some really sweet moments! :)

  4. We had a beautiful weekend here too! Sidewalk chalk was one of the first things we dug out! I miss the ice cream truck. We don't have one where we live now. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend :-)

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prays during this difficult time. I appreciate it very much.


  6. oooooh i love that pic of the two with braids!! :) and the ice cream truck is awesome.. ;) sorry i didn't get back to you faster about the rounded corners-- looks like you figured it out though-- fun header! yep-- i just do them in picasa... it takes too long to do a lot of them but for just the header i can swing it. :)

  7. Oh those sweet sisters! The braids photo is just too perfect!

  8. looks like a good weekend. love the moments between the big girls and Aubrey, she is certainly loved by them.

  9. We havent seen the ice cream truck yet this spring. I'm sure it wont be long!
    Yuckky taxes...hope you get back lots!

  10. I finally filed ours yesterday! I usually do it at the end of March, but I just didn't have it in me this year. I let it loom over me like a big elephant until the last minute. Felt awful. So glad it's finally done!

    Those pix b/t Aubrey and her big sis are so precious. I love what you wrote too about them stopping to spend some time in her world. You captured that beautifully.

  11. Wonderful Weekend Pictures! Very fun and relaxing!

  12. Haha. I swear we've been semi stalking the ice cream man....we keep missing him! Maybe today??!

    LOVE this post and your sweet photos. I can tell you are having beautiful weather.

    Just put our taxes in the mail yesterday. Not sure that I've ever waited until this late. I just did not want to do them this year. So glad they are done. Hope yours are too! :))