{Weekend Glimpses}

happy monday!
we had a great weekend...daisy style

janey and i had our very first daisy camp out this weekend
what a fun time we had
in spite of  the rain, cold, tornado sirens and hail
we all had a wonderful time!!

 {i was a bit nervous about leaving the littlest, but she did just fine without me}

we were treated to a yummy pizza dinner
manicures and pedicures
hair-bow and lip gloss making
twister and hoola hoops and
bowls of yummy candy
what more could a room full of daisies and their moms ask for?

{i thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure...janey couldn't stop giggling long enough to enjoy hers!}

saturday we went on a nature walk, 
made bird feeders and
wind chimes

{thankfully not till 5th grade!}

{using my old camera...things are a bit blurry}

my favorite moment of the whole trip had to be snuggling in my sleeping bag with janey
she told me that she loved me and thanked me for coming
i think it was me who should have been thanking her

hope your weekend was filled with snuggles too
have a happy day,


  1. Janey is so sweet! I love the photos where she has the facial scrub/mask on! So cute! I am glad you had a lot of fun. Love that you have coats on in some of the pictures. It's hot here right now! :)

    Have a great evening!

  2. What a fun time. Emily is a Brownie, but we haven't gone to any camps yet. We've been thinking about it. I'm not a huge fan of camping, but I love facials :))

  3. what a fantasic weekend that rock climbing wall looks killer, they don't make the mamas do that, do they???

  4. Wow! Janey looks just like you in that picture. You're both beautiful! Looks like you both had a ton of fun. :)

  5. You look so cute in the picture with Janey and Aubrey! (Not that you don't always look cute!)

    I've never experienced the whole girl scout thing...sounds like the perfect mother/daughter campout...crafts AND mani/pedi's!

  6. such a fun weekend, sorry about that weather - looks so wet and cold, but clearly from the smiles I can see it didn't dampen spirits!! our GS weekend is happening in June - can't wait!

  7. Good for you guys for braving the elements! That's what memories are made of!