today was a good day
lots of smiles, laughter and an auntie anne's pretzel
seriously what could be better right?

riley is a crazy reader
she goes through almost a book a day
last night we told her to stop at 8:30
when we went to bed at 9:30 she was still reading
but it is sooooo hard to get mad at her for that
the other night i came in and she was in tears
the book had moved her so much
i love that
till the morning that is
when she is grouchy from lack of sleep

this morning i went to wake her up at 7:15
and she was already awake
she even brought this one to breakfast

tonight we are being stricter
8:15 lights out
or else!!!:)

aubrey is saying the cutest things these days
she can use the words "share" and "now" in context
every morning when we drop the girls off she says
"janey...dool" (school)
she pauses for effect between the words and nods her head down on "dool" with such emphasis and expression
it cracks us all up

today on the way home from the mall aubrey and i listened to this song over and over

i remember the girls singing and dancing to it when i was pregnant with aubrey
they said they would sing it to her when she was born
they did
that song makes me happy and sad all at once

riley and aubrey really bonded today
they played doll houses
groovy girls
and little people
riley even did her hair
she was so patient and kind
it really made me happy

later, aubrey sat in riley's room and helped her pick out her school clothes
riley even set her up with some reading material while she showered

bathrooms are always entertaining for some reason

and speaking of entertaining...

i think we have a little builder on our hands
and a proud little builder at that!

after dinner aubrey and i were playing and she kept saying
"mommy bee..mommy bee"
turns out it was "mommy pee!"

hey...daddy's in the tub with his cell phone for goodness sakes...
and on that note...goodnight!

have a happy night,


  1. So cute cindy! It's so nice to always have a good book to entertain you. She'll always love reading:) Aubrey's really changing. I can see it in the pictures.

  2. I love little readers! My daughter is the same way and will even take her books into restaurants! Thank goodness for libraries when you have a fast reader! It is nice here because you see kids reading at the beach. At home, most kids have their noses in a DS, but here they are all reading!

  3. such cute pictures of your girls. gaining a true love of reading is such a life gift.

  4. oh my goodness, cindy, we loooooved the emily windsnap series so much - no wonder she pushed herself to stay up and finish the book - it's great!! Such sweet photos of all your girls - that last one of the little people dollhouse (mom on toilet, dad in tub on phone) is absolutely hilarious - love it!!

    thanks, btw, for all your sweet comments last night - loved superman and grease as well (4 times, though, not 13!) ... in fact, i'm finishing a post this morning on all sorts of other 70's memories - I hope you'll come back for more - bet you'll feel right at home with my childhood favorites ;-)

  5. I love the picture of Riley reading at breakfast, and the fact that she was moved to tears by a book just melts my heart! :)

    The picture of Aubrey and Riley kissing is precious! LOVE the toilet pictures too. So cute!

    That 5 days old song is catchy. Now I will be singing it all day. Boyd and I have seen it a few times on tv as well.

    Have a good one! :)

  6. hi Cindy... Thanks for the visit on my first day back!! =) I missed it with a love hate relationship! ;) I love your new header and side pics... My little girl loves to read as well... I let her as much as we can... but I like to keep her head in reality to...sleep and being social with the family is more important sometimes!! he he! Last summer I even used reading as a correction tool... meaning she lost reading time if she wasn't behaving! lol!! it worked beautifully! (how shameful!) ha ha! it is wonderful that they love to read... very wonderful! and yep.. hard to make the lights go out... but that is good for them too I guess! ha ha

  7. That is so great that your daughter loves to read so much!! Kudos to you for keeping your house well-stocked with good books for her to read. :)
    We LOVE that song! (and ALL her songs!)
    I love all your pictures of your kids . . . it looks like they love each other very much. Great job, Mommy! :)

  8. NOTHING is better than an Auntie Anne's pretzel. I totally agree.

    Your girls are the cutest, SWEETEST things ever. What a wonderful gift that Riley loves to read so much. I remember being like that. Now...not so much. Darn computer. ;)

  9. Hi Cindy, Hope your holiday weekend was good. I love your sisters pictures. Have a great Wednesday, tara

  10. Where are you?! And if you're on vacation, it must be a really long vacation, and I'm totally jealous!