{Easter Happenings}

...like my new music? thank my new bloggy friend Lauren. now if only my pictures could be that good!
thanks Lauren, love this song...hope you don't mind me copying....

well helloooooo there friends!
anyone still there?:)
long time no post that's for sure.

we had a wee little virus in our home
thank goodness it was just the computer kind and not the stomach kind
although way less convenient....i'll take way less messy any day

you don't realize how much you depend on that silly little box till it's not around
i actually had to look a phone number up in that big yellow book
you know the one?
what a pain!!!:)

*****spent way too long tonight trying to figure out why some of my photos were blurry and some were not, pretty sure it has something to do with the size i am uploading them in....advice anyone??  please?  finally I just gave up...so here they are blurry and all, hope you can look through the blur and see the love anyway*****

so on with Easter
we had a wonderful time with our little family of five

we decorated eggs on saturday
most of us were pretty happy

most of the time

but try explaining to a toddler why she can't hold that glass of pretty water....
luckily biggest sis was there to make it all better

sunday morning was a flurry of eggs and excitement
the easter bunny sent them on a wild goose chase looking for their baskets

we kept calling aubrey max all morning
ya know how max from max and ruby keeps saying one meaningful word all through the show
aubreys' word for the day was beans.....
once she got a taste of those little jellied nuggets of love it was all over

finally we piled in the car and headed to church
we knew we were in trouble when the parking lot was less then full
since this is our first Easter at this church we didn't realize that their service was a sunrise service
so we piled back into the car and headed to our favorite park right down the street
it was a beautiful spring day and finally sunny
quite a change from the weather we had seen all week
it was quiet
peaceful and 
the perfect way to spend easter
appreciating each other and 
all God has given us

hope you had a wonderfully peaceful easter
i know we did
have a happy night,


  1. You can just feel the love those girls have for each other! Great pictures....even the blurry ones:)

  2. great pictures. looks like you had a fun and loving Easter. glad you got your virus fixed.

  3. Your girls all look so cute in their Easter dresses and little ruffled sweaters! Love the picture of them on the bench.

    I missed you...glad you're back!!

  4. Beautiful. . . The one of them kissing Aubreys head is priceless!

    Glad to see you are back--missed you and your sweet fam!

  5. oh my goodness, cindy, these adorable photos of the girls are to DIE for!! SO SO SO cute in their easter dresses, all snuggled up together, especially the one with the big sisters kissing Aubrey in the middle - love that one ... LOOOOOVE!!

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter! So much love and joy captured in those pictures! Have a wonderful day!


  7. Sooooo sweet! Love your photos. Especially the ones on the bridge. :)

    The tripod is easy to use. It's just a little bit of a hassle to set up. Definitely set it all up before calling your family to sit for a picture. I didn't actually use the tripod for this month's picture. just rested the camera on top of a little cooler from our picnic.

  8. apparently it has been this long since I visited! still sort of in the land of not blogging ... =) ha ha... oops!

    Love the story about going to church... late... that is something I would do... er... have done!! =)

    LOVELY pics in the park... I really love the close up one near the bottom! =)

    I had a virus recently too.. it was hard to find... hubby is techy and he didn't find it ... a friend did! ...grrr... so frustrating! still not sure my computer is back to normal ... it feels off... ha ha... =)

  9. I'm glad you are back too! :)

    Love that red bridge, and those last 3 pictures are SO great. Well, they are all great, but I really love those. The girls' Easter dresses are so sweet.

    Have a good night!

  10. beautiful pictures! (even the blurry ones) It looks like you had a great Easter. (We love Max and Ruby!!)

  11. Computer woes are the worst.
    Looks like a lovely Easter.

    WHere are you in the photos???

    I'm sure you looked just a sweet as your girls.

  12. oh goodness!! the sisterly LOVE!!the pictures of your girls in their easter dresses...so sweet!!!