{A Big Day}

yesterday was a big day for us
we found out who our teachers will be!
this day always has my stomach in knots...for like weeks
we all know a good teacher can make or break a year

of course aubrey was there for moral support

we were happy with our teachers
but sad our "besties" were not with us again...:(

but they didn't stay sad for long

a spoonful of ice cream for dinner helps any news of a year without your buds go down right?
they have been waiting for this day all summer i think

all that sugary goodness was certainly a hit

aubrey was so cute with this toy yesterday

every time she got all the pieces in she would say "yeah aubrey!!"

we finally got our late summer list done
nothing like leaving it to the very last minute huh?

i am a bit worried about getting janey on a horse at this point
but the rest seem pretty doable

janey added two on the bottom herself
dad fishing and
think she wants to go fishing??!!:)

how's your summer list this year?
i still have a list of my own filled with things involving organizing closets, pictures, blogs etc...
i'm getting there....

have a happy day,

remember i am still in the process of backdating some summer posts, so if you see a post about the last day of school or fathers day dated a month ago...you'll know why:)


  1. looks like a fun way to cope with news that isn't the best. Oh well I bet they will make lots of new best friends this year

  2. When did Aubrey grow up? She looks so old standing on that little wall.
    Good luck with school. We're already knee deep.

  3. Oh yes....Ice cream does make everything better! Glad your girls got the teachers they wanted. Aubrey has grown so much this summer...she's not so little anymore. We only have a couple of things left to do on our summer list...school starts for us in 2 weeks! *sigh :(

  4. Hmmmm ice cream sundaes look great! We do this before school starts too! :-) Great pictures.

    Have a lovely night!


  5. Aubrey looks so grown. I know you don't want to hear that! :) I don't like it when people tell me Boyd looks so much older. He is still a baby, I want to scream. Anyway, the girls all look so cute!