{Yesterday, Today and Farewell to Summer}

well we made it
school begins tomorrow
the end of summer is here
we had an amazing one that's for sure
so much fun i've barely had a chance to blog about it all
but i know that's a good thing right?

yesterday we tried to make the most of our last summer tuesday
we had lunch out and
watched the trains go by
it was peaceful
easy and

then we headed to our favorite downtown cupcake shop

we just love this place
it is quaint
charming and
full of all kinds of girly goodness

mason jars filled with goodies
spools of colorful twine
lots of twinkly lights and gauzy fabric

wish i could have taken more pictures
but we were the only ones there and i felt a bit silly :)

aubrey and i enjoyed a chocolate one and riley and janey picked vanilla

the girls loved sharing my camera and taking all kinds of pictures
i think i had to delete like 40 or so
from a 30 minute cupcake date
but they had fun

goodness how i love these girls

we ended the day with haircuts for the girls and
our annual back to school social
lots of bounce house fun and a great evening to play outside
see old friends,
previous years teachers
and new ones too
we have a feeling it's gonna be a good year

today we woke up early
and headed to panera
it was our last weekday breakfast for awhile
it was fun and tasty

lots more camera fun was had
they love my camera
can you tell?

we spent the rest of the day labelling school supplies,
swimming in our neighbors pool (big girls, not me) and
getting ready for soccer practice
whew....busy day...

farewell to summer you have been good to us this year
just a few lovely memories that never got photographed that we just don't want to forget:

sister sleepovers
chat time
chuck e cheese
way too many mcdonalds ice cream cones
indoor park
listening to zac brown...over and over
lemonade stands
hose on the trampoline
pool under the slide
bike rides
hawaiian ice 
trips over the "bumpy bridge"
pretzels, candy store and carousel days

hope your summer was sweet too!
have a happy day,


  1. Thank you!! I'm nervous and excited to begin this little journey. I was so lonely last year without my girls at home... Hope your girls have a great day! That cupcake shop looks adorable.

  2. looks like you had a great time celebrating the last few days of summer. hope the girls have a great school year

  3. Gorgeous photos of your lovely girls Cindy...so glad to see your posts again. You all look like you've had a wonderful Summer :)
    That list makes me envious, all of it sounds magical xo

  4. Sounds like a delightful summer. . .there is just something marevelous about just doing a lot of little things without a plan, isn't there?

    Hope its a good school year!

  5. awww.. I love the cupcake pictures that your girls took! You really made the most out of summer and the last few days. I hate summer ending.... hope the start to the year is a good one1

  6. That last picture was so fantastic. Hope Aubrey makes the adjustment easily. And quickly.