{First Day of School}

the first day of school has come and gone and we are all still smiling
our first day only lasts until 10:00
just long enough for the teachers to get some supplies put away and do an activity or two
a good easy way to start i guess

we had these muffins for breakfast
boy are they yummy
we used chocolate chips instead of the cinnamon ones
i have been looking for a good basic muffin recipe that we can add a variety of things to
this is it without a doubt

had to wake janey up this morning
doesn't she look sleepy...poor baby!

riley decided she wanted to wake up to an alarm clock this morning
why do they have to go and grow up on you like that
i don't really like the idea very much
i like kissing that sleepy under the cover head in the mornings
she said it was "ok" to wake up to that "beep beep beep" noise
we will see how long that lasts

one last read and snuggle from big sis
aubrey is really going to miss them

riley ~ fourth grade
janey ~ second grade
aubrey ~ mommy

{note to self....color hair before school begins! :) }

booster seats are gone this year
they said it was time
although janey is still debating
she likes to be taller and see way far!:)

loved walking janey in this morning

she is so excited about having her very own desk this year instead of just a big table
the first thing she said when i picked her up was...you should see my desk!
a girl after my own heart

riley said no way to me walking her in
she wanted to go in with her friends instead

tomorrow they will be gone all day
tomorrow i have to pack two lunchboxes
tomorrow aubrey and i will play and clean and snuggle
i will miss them for sure
but at least it's friday!

have a happy day,


  1. having a short first day and a short first week makes sense to me. glad to hear they had a great first day. your house will seem very quiet next week

  2. I like that idea of only going a couple of hours that first day...wish we had that. Your girls look excited....love the pictures on the porch. I didn't notice your hair until you said something...I had to go back and look. ;) We don't start school until the 29th...I've been sad about it all month. Why does summer have to go so FAST?

  3. it is kind of nice to have a short week to start of the year!

    BTW. . .that photo on your header of the girls running always makes me smile. . .Riley's face is priceless!

  4. Poor Janey did look tired in that picture! :) I love their school bags/backpacks. So pretty. The pictures are all so good. I'm getting kind of sappy just thinking about Boyd's first day in kindergarten....but that's a couple of years away. I just love the feeling of school time, because fall is right around the corner. I hope your girls have a wonderful school year!

    Thanks for the suggestions on keeping Boyd in bed. He does have a little music box we've always used, but I think a cd with lullabies might work better. I also remember that about walking them back to bed w/o talking...Supernanny does it! haha. I am glad you reminded me of that. I will take all the help I can get.

    Have a good night!

  5. Your girls are looking so sweet and happy! I love back to school time and am a little sad that we are missing it this year. It is always so fun! It is nice that they ease into it there and that you will have a weekend soon enough!

  6. Such good pictures! Aubrey's getting so big!

  7. WOW! Back to school already! Your girls are soooo cute! Hahaha! Yes, lets see how long the alarm clock lasts! pretty soon it will be back to momma waking her up.
    Have a pretty day!