i'm back
actually have been for over two weeks
but i must be honest....the thought of sitting down at this computer
has been the furthest thing from my mind
even though i love this "world"
i am fighting getting caught up in it again
balance is key right?
let's hear it for balance...

i had such a wonderful time with my friends in fl
we talked up a storm
laughed like crazy
drank (only a wee bit!)
shopped and "spa'd"
and had the time of our lives
not a single picture to show for it
but tons of fun memories
after all the drama over leaving
i honestly was sad to come home (did i just say that??)
i could have used another day or two for sure :)
doesn't that sound terrible?
not that i didn't miss my little (and big) lovelies at home
we just had so much fun!!!
i love those girls
they are such a huge part of my life and i just don't get to see them nearly enough

really bad, really old, pic of a pic of the 4 of us
i was actually pregnant with riley then!!

see all the fun they had?
they didn't even miss me anyway!!

trips to the zoo, a new pool, fun at home

we broke down and bought our school supplies over the weekend
i usually LOVE school supply shopping
but this year i am in complete denial about it all beginning in two and a half weeks
maybe it was the odd mix of go-go-go and slow-slow-slow that this summer held
whatever it was we are all not ready for it to end
we haven't even made our summer list yet...goodness...how SAD is that!!!

so now i will begin the task of backtracking our summer
trying to recount all the fun and catching up this blog of mine
if you're not in the mood to read about father's day and the last day of school in august
i totally get that
i'll see you in a few weeks:)
when hopefully i will be ready to write about the first day of school
through the tears....

have a happy day,

like my new song?
that's another thing i got in fl
a total addiction to zac brown band!!
finally...right kerri??


  1. glad you enjoyed your time away. I always say time away from my kids from time to time is what revives me as a mom, a chance to find myself separate from my title of mom. Glad your girls had fun too. We are in back to school mode here too

  2. I know what you mean. I haven't been a very loyal blogger this summer either. Our summers are just sooooo short here in Wisconsin I have to enjoy every second of it.

    It's good to hear you had such a fun time with your besties. We try to have a get together once every year.....

  3. go-go-go and slow-slow-slow is the perfect description of our summer as well. It makes it go to fast, huh???

    Glad you had a great time away. We all need that time to regroup and I know that personally, I could always use another day:)

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  5. Good for you for finding a balance. I think you have the right attitude about the computer. I get sucked into it way too often, but I've tried to only get on a few minutes a day now.

    Love the pictures. The girls are so cute! I am glad you had fun with your girlfriends. I'd love to have a girlfriend trip like that.

    Enjoy your day!

    ps. i love zac brown too.

  6. Glad you had a good time. Sometimes a little break feels so good! I bet your family was soooo happy to see you:)

  7. Hi Cindy - I'm right there with you on the "fell off the face of blogland" thing - and I have to say, I've used every minute of the 'found time', it's been wonderful! But like you, I'm in complete denial about how much I have to catch up on since my last 'real time' post on Father's Day - oh well ... in the meantime, cheers to your motto of balance!!

  8. welcome back, you've been missed! I'll sure read about Fathers Day in August, bring it on! How lucky for you to have such special friends!

  9. HOw great that you got to spend some quality time with your girlfriends. Sounds like the perfect trip!

    I hear you about school. I can't even believe it's beating down our door. I am usually soooo ready for it to start also, but this year I just want to make it go away. I'm betting in 3 more weeks I'll be ready though. Better be, right?