{Story Time}

aubrey and i went to story time yesterday
it was so much fun and brought back a flood of memories
the big girls and i visited the library at least once a week for story time until they were in school
we still frequent the place to get books, but it's not quite the same.

i have seen this CD a few times in blog land, but i finally checked it out yesterday
it really is good!
when i put it in to play, aubrey quickly said "no mommy music, aubrey music" when i tried to explain this was new aubrey music...she still wasn't buying it....we put raffi back in

but i  did sneak it in during lunch time
i knew once she gave it a chance she would like it
sometimes new music can be tough
the old familiar stuff is alwasy better right?
but her toes were tappin and swingin in no time

i think she liked it

we spent the rest of our afternoon playing

this girl is pretty awesome with blocks

she has lots of patience
and rarely gets sad when they tumble
it's that wiggly carpet that gets her everytime

then she found my lenscap

and mama found a hairclip
taking pictures of little girl's faces can be tricky
always lots of hair involved

i love when she walks up and says
"dupdake mommy?"

checking to see if it's in the "right" place

aubrey....where's your pretty smile????

 there it is....

love you sweetie!

have a happy day,


please excuse my blog while it goes through some changes
just bored with it i guess
trying to figure out how to layer pictures in that new header...anyone have a clue?:)


  1. I wish I could offer some technical advice but I just keep trying things until something works. . .:)

    This school year, all of my kiddos go. . .but I still will have afternoons with Lydia. I'm in denial. . .refuse to even go there!

  2. looks like she had a good day. love the block pictures. Hope she has adjusted to having her big sisters back at school again

  3. YOur background and header are looking too cute Cindy. I'm sure you'll figure out how to get those little pics in there...sorry, no help from me! I'm so bored with my layout...maybe I will find some time to play around w/ it once school starts.
    Although Aubrey is probablly missing her sisters at school...I bet she is loving the alone time with her mommy! She is such a cutie!

  4. Your little one has such beautiful eyes and you capture them so well! We love Raffi around here too! I'll be 80 and requesting Raffi in the Nursing Home :) Love his CDs! Looks like your enjoying some one on one time with big girls in school. You are so good at stopping and playing with your daughter. Love that! I'm often distracted... Have a great night, tara

  5. She is so adorable...even with her hair in her face.

  6. i love the little blocks series.. i treasure those little chubby hand shots. are you using picasa?

  7. She is SO precious! These made me smile.


  8. Your baby is getting so big!! Beautiful shots of her!! *ah...Hi Cindy!!** I have been a very lazy lost blogger this summer!! I can't believe summer is nearly over... *sniff** well... at least it will be goood for blogging... ha ha ha=)

  9. Love these pics! So perfect to express simple pleasures and blessings! She is such a cutie pie!