{summer reading}

the girls have done a lot of reading this summer
sadly, not so much
i plan to get better
i used to love to read...still do...
it's just finding the time and making it a priority i guess
like anything right??
here are just a few of their summer favorites...

Liberty Porter First Daughter

and really so much more..there was hardly a day this girl didn't start and finish something wonderful
and there were many a night we went to bed at 9:30 and she was still up reading...but it was summer so that was ok right? now we are fighting that "close the book, time for bed" fight now...the school year beginning is tough

right now Riley and I are reading
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon together

Let's Talk About When You Have Your Tonsils Out
and many other Let's Talk About Books....Janey loves to read medical nonfiction :)

right now Janey are I are reading Gooseberry Park together


i already miss those lazy summer mornings when everyone is curled up with a book


it was monday yesterday and dave and i finally got our "date"
now that the big girls are in school
we drop them off in the mornings and
head to the grocery store
we take our dates where we can get them around here

later we went to lunch
today we did mexican
remember how much aubrey loves the chips and salsa?
later i slipped out for a quick shopping trip before picking up the girls
dave made muffins for school breakfast tomorrow (he already washed my car earlier)
forget flowers and jewelry
that's love in my book
thanks baby!:)
can't wait till next monday


  1. Anna and her dad are reading Where The Mountain Meets the Moon together too!

    Funny, I was going to do a summer reading post today too!

    We're not back at school til Sept 1st but I'm already grieving lazy days with books! Why does summer have to end?

  2. Oh how I wish I was better in this department this summer. I totally failed in the school/reading dept. I love all of the books they read. That is awesome. I just found a series for my 4th grader by Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer. They look pretty awesome. My daughter is hot to trot on all things Soul Surfer right now. Happy day to you. :)

  3. I love seeing kids read. we had to take the bookshelf out of our oldest son's room because he would read until 10pm if we didn't take the books away. I read every night before I go to bed. Sometimes it's only a chapter but I like that quiet before sleeping