{She Did It and Soup}

after months of trying and practicing
after hours spent running behind her
last night she hopped on and
took off

i love it when learning happens that way
in the blink of an eye
and all on their own

now she really needs a new bike!:)

it was my turn to get the sickies yesterday
my fever never got above 99 but i can't even remember the last time i had a fever
even 99 was kickin my butt
what a wimp!
so riley and daddy made soup
complete with homemade stock and loads of fresh veggies
and guess what?

i feel 100% better this morning!

have a happy day,


  1. way to ride. glad you are feeling better, hope it leaves your house now

  2. Way to go Janey! My son still can't ride a bike...and has no desire to learn. He outgrew his bike and we put it in our garage sale last summer. He didn't even have a bike this summer...and did NOT want a new one. Is it possible to go through life and never learn to ride a bike?

    Glad you're feeling better today!

  3. congrats janey! and glad you're feeling better! :)

  4. Did you know reading your post gave me chills? I don't even know your daughters but I couldn't help feeling so happy for Janey! Chills, really! Great job Janey!

  5. Great job Janey!!!!

    Glad you're feeling better. Isn't it amazing how as adults a 99 fever makes us feel so terrible, but our kids will run around with 101?

  6. Yay Janey! Way to go. :)

    I'm glad the soup helped you feel better. Will you send some down this way?! I bet it was delicious. I was wanting to take a "sick day" today, but then I realized that isn't possible in our line of work.

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Chicken soup always does the trick! :-) Way to go Janey!!
    Have a great weekend!


  8. yeah Janey!! some of my favorite moments are watching my kiddos ride their bike..all wobbly and excited! Coop learned this summer...well actually he rode around for a couple weeks but now has no interest in getting on again....oh well, time for snow to start flying anyways!! so glad you are feeling better...a 99 fever always kicks my butt!

  9. Yay! Look at her go! We have to get my son's training wheels off when we get home! Glad to hear you are feeling better - soup always works!

  10. congrats to janey, what an accomplishment!! and poor you with the fever ... how lucky you are to have such good in-house health care ;-) glad you're already feeling better!!