{Step One...Check}

the first item on my "really long memory restoration project" is complete
i have uploaded all of my old photo cd's to the computer
the are saved
cataloged and
ready for use

goodness that was a lot of cd's
kind of strange having three years of your life literally flash before you

funny story...one of the cd's i uploaded had a huge amount of photos on it...like 300...when i opened the pics, they were not ours! for some reason i must not have opened this cd when we ordered it years ago. we got to see a bunch of rowdy young people enjoying a trip to ireland. (was that wrong of us to look???) boy i bet they were disappointed when they opened up our cd to find pictures of two little girls in princess dresses running around! i really hope they somehow got their photos back...that would have really stunk!!

one of the things i have always wanted to do was have a bunch of our old and new favorite photos playing on our desktop slide show. i am proud to say that slide show is now up and running. it really is impossible to walk by the computer without pausing for just a moment.

whenever we are in the kitchen (inevitably trying to cook or prepare something) we keep hearing "mom/dad...look!" . it's fun and it makes for great dinner conversation as we sit there and watch the photos flash by. i think aubrey likes seeing her sisters as babies the most.

on to step two: uploading and printing, this one unfortunately is going to cost big bucks!
speaking of big bucks, we finally heard back from the company we sent our old mangled hard drive to. we found out how much it will be to "try" and retrieve our data. want to even try and guess.....$1500!!!!!!! needless to say we are seeking a second opinion and considering a photo only retrieval. moral of the story again...back up people...back up!! i am now in the process of looking into printing all the photos that are stored in my google web albums. (the ones that are on my blog) anyone have any experience with that?

on another note, my sweet little janey is now sick.
i guess that's the way it works in a house full of girls who love to kiss and hug

we spent another day snuggling in front of the tv
i am so thankful my older girls are totally ok with watching toddler/preschool television
it makes my heart happy that they are still innocent like that

goodness this one cracks me up!!

hope everyone is well in your home,
have a happy day,


  1. I can't believe how opposite your two older girls are. Curly/straight, brown/blue. I need to do this. Maybe this should be my big project--what I need to fill my time.

  2. 1500 buckaroos? Craziness. I guess people understand how much your memories are worth to you. Hope you can get it for a cheaper price though.

    Your girls are simple adorable. What sweet memories.

  3. oh this is my next project Cindy...I'm NOT looking forward to it!! :) the girls are so cute!!

  4. i'm sooooo inspired ... boy do i ever have a lot of work in this department! my husband did the same type of conversion (to digital storage) with our home videos a couple of winters ago and it was just as you describe as far as how distracting it was ... every single bit of footage we 'rediscovered' was just too precious not to watch!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous little one's you have there Cindy! I bet it has been fun looking back, makes you aware of how quickly they grow. I think the toddler pic of Janey looks just like Aubrey but with dark hair!!
    Pity you can't claim you went on vacation to Ireland lol