{Weekend Glimpses}

our great weekend started friday when the girls each had a friend come over after school.
sometimes when just one friend comes over...there can be "trouble"
but this time, they each had their own...it was perfect.
we came in and each set headed to their designated rooms to play
it was quiet and peaceful
aubrey and i were left to continue our max & ruby cuddle fest.:)
{her fever was gone by 9 that morning and she is back to her spunky self}

later they went to the h.s. football game
it was homecoming so it was extra exciting
like only h.s. homecoming football can be

oh i wish i could have been there
they actually called me when the band marched in so i could hear it
see...i was a band nerd
(except we were not nerds...coolest group in the school actually...and coolest band ever)
something about that feeling
being part of a sound like that
they both came back so pumped up about it all
i am hoping they catch the music fever soon
i would love to be a band parent someday!!:)

saturday we had beautiful weather for our soccer games
not a cloud in the sky
lots of running and cheering

sharing the all important after game snack
and a little blanket playing on the sidelines too

after lunch janey and i headed out to pick up a birthday gift and
to do a little clothes shopping
we stopped in this antique store that i have been wanting to visit
it was so charming and filled with goodies
janey was in heaven
she told me over and over how much she loved this place
i think she might have actually picked up or touched every. single. thing. in the store
my friend pegged it....it's a store filled with nothing but "saved things"
and we all know how much janey loves to save things
she was in heaven

the saturday rushing around that a double header soccer game, late lunch, late nap time, and unsuccessful mall experience can bring left me drained and ready for a stay home day
a day where no one leaves the house
sunday brought just that

we tried a new church last week when my parents were here
it was a tough decision
especially when you involve the girls and their friends
but we did it and we know we made the right choice
it feels like a good fit and as grace would have it
the girls have found new friends and familiar ones too and
life is good

they presented bibles to the second graders this week
i was touched they thought of janey and remembered her after only being their once before
she was so proud

we spent the rest of our stay home day
doing a whole lot of nothing...which was really something...

puzzle building marathon

painting "ningernails" orange

snuggling, popcorn and sarah 101 from hgtv



hope your weekend was a happy one,
have a happy day,


  1. sounds like a great weekend to me! i dont think i have a musical bone in my body but i hope the kids do somehow : ) just loving this fall weather we have right now!
    oh--and your blog looks great!

  2. omg, cindy - the girls and i snuggled in to watch the same sarah 101 on sat nite - the one with the basement redo, right? ... too funny!! and "ningernails"?! please, you're killing me!! aaaah,how i love the weekends!!

  3. Sounds great, but one thing caught my eye--Sarah 101. Love her. Every show she's done.

  4. They are called band freaks now. . .and Drew is not happy to have to be one:) He would much prefer just to be a football jock!. . . but I too love the sound of the band, nothing better!

    So glad the church move was good. . .that's a touchy one isn't it?

  5. I'm glad you found a new church and it sounds like a perfect fit. Change is always hard on something big like that. I love all of the glimpses into your beautiful home, and your weather looks heavenly. I think band "nerds" rock, and I am definitely hoping Boyd is one, some day. :))

    ps. I really love the song on your blog. I am in need of a new one and have no idea on any new music. Anyway, love your song! :)

  6. looks like a great weekend. I love how involved your girls are with each other's lives

  7. We enjoyed our little towns HS band at the football game. Brought back memories of me and you and Mike.
    So glad they remembered Janey and she got a Bible.