{happy friday}

the weekend is here
i don't know about anyone else, but september, in spite of all it's fally goodness and great weather, is running us ragged. i think it has a lot to do with our schedules lately. janey has tumbling on monday afternoons, both girls have jazz on tuesday evenings, we have church on wednesdays, both girls play soccer on thursdays and saturdays....whew...makes me tired just writing it all down. even though we all love soccer and the girls have really improved this year, i know we will all breathe a sigh of relief when it's over. especially dave who is coaching both teams...you should see him run from one field to the next changing team shirts...it's kind of like superman in the phone booth.:)

my little baby is not feeling well today
had a touch of a fever yesterday that was still there this morning
we have spent the day snuggled up on the sofa with blankie close by watching max & ruby

it did allow me some good nesting time though
everyone has clean sheets on their beds and fresh towels on their hooks
perfect chore to do when you have a sick one at home

i think seeing all my old photos flash before my eyes lately has got me in a nostalgic mood
i swear it really was yesterday the big two were this size


oh how i wish i was blogging then
you think you'll remember all the little details of your day
all the silly little things they say and
the things that make you laugh
but you won't

so...here are just a few things aubrey says and does that melts our hearts
lip-lops = flip flops
mony tail = pony tail
logurt = yogurt
iceceem = ice cream
pick me up like baby = hold me close in the cradleing position and sing...

she has to have oj first thing in the morning
her favorite breakfast is nutella on waffles and
she loves to open the fridge and freezer looking for yogurt
when she picks up her babies she says adorable things like..."shhhh, it's ok, mommy's here" and "you go nite nite baby kate" and she always tucks her baby in with goodnight kisses before nap time and bedtime

she will ask what's for dinner and then say.."pizza...really? oh taa"
she is crazy for books and would sit and read on my lap for an hour or more
she loves to fill her backpack with toys and bring that and baby kate along where ever we go
she is not the greatest about climbing in her car seat quickly and inevitably ends up running to the back of the van to sit in janey's seat
she loves "aubrey's music" and always asks "what's dat?" when she hears a different instrument

she is the littlest light of our life and growing up way too fast

hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying all the little things that make up your ordinary days,
have a happy day,


  1. What beautiful pictures you captured of Aubrey. She was so little when I started reaading your blog! All of our eveings (except Saturdays) are filled until the end of October. I am not so happy about that. I love when we are home and able to relax with nothing to do. Maybe I should just hope for a BIG snow storm! :)
    Hope Aubrey feels better!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. So precious!
    So many people are getting sick these days. I never thought that it is because we are all more busy and getting run down. We must recharge.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I adore your posts Cindy and I'll say it again, your girls are precious. Great pics of little Aubrey!! It is a shame the memory of years gone by will eventually fade, keep on blogging and remembering now :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Cindy, I love the list of your little ones favorites and things she says, what a great idea! We do forget even when we think we could never!

    So sorry that she's not feeling well... I always feel so fortunate when one of my girls are sick that I get to stay home and cuddle them without having to worry about 'taking time off'. Hope she feels better soon. Enjoy your weekend. And thanks again for the email, tara

  5. So sweet, and I love this stage of two, don't you? Question though--when did our babies turn into girls?

  6. oh my goodness, cindy, you're killing me with those precious baby words of hers ... lip lops?! adorable! she's really growing up fast ... *sigh* ... but the photos are gorgeous!

  7. she looks so big!!! you're right.. you do think you'll remember.. but it slips away into one big warm fuzzy. at least all the crazy slips away too! ;) i adore this little funny talk stage. :)

  8. She's so cute! She's really changing Cindy. Growing up (darn it!)

  9. Is it bad to just love the days when kids are under the weather?? (of course not the vomitous, painful kind). But, it just seems the snuggliness disappears way too quickly and maybe it's wrong ... but I love when they are cuddly sick :)

  10. Aubrey is GORGEOUS, and her eyes will melt you. She is so sweet. I love what she is saying. Kevin always corrects Boyd when he still does his baby talk, but I love it and want to hold onto it forever. Know what I mean?! :) I hope she is feeling much better. I love nesting. I think we are doing that tomorrow. I woke with a sore throat today, and our house is a mess.

    Have a good evening. :)

  11. Oh my! The first and third pictures are simply gorgeous! Love that you jotted down what she's into and what she says. You're right. You think you'll remember forever, but it gets lost in the shuffle of your mind all too soon.