{free and uplifting}

last night we all went to a free concert
at our mall of all places.
jason gray performed.
have you heard of him?
he was great!!!

waiting for the show to begin with candy store goodies

powerful words
inspiring music

hand clapping beats

we even bought a cd and got our picture taken

windblown rain dampened hair and all

here is his latest video
{remember to pause my music below before playing}

i think this might be our new favorite song
{nicolle this made me think of you and your friends}

hope your wednesday was as uplifting as ours,
have a happy day,


  1. Hi Cindy, sounds like a nice family outing :)
    And your little Aubrey is growing up even in the few short months I've been visiting your blog!
    Cute new header too btw :)

  2. Oh Cindy, that is so beautiful. It reminds me that we all have a story, we all have hurt, we all need love, and we are all important. I'm glad it was such a wonderful day for you and your sweet family. I am going to listen to the song again. I will post it on my blog soon, if that is ok. :) I have another one to post soon too.

    Thank you for being such a positive and UPLIFTING friend to me! xoxo.

  3. What a great inspiring song...and the singer is pretty cute too!

  4. What an awesome song!!! Thanks for sharing. In your mall?! Really? cool!

  5. I'm always up for a good new artist. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the start of fall. When we lived in Chicagoland, September was my very favorite of all. Lucky you.

  6. love this post, cindy - what a fun outing for you guys!