{Still Chuggin Along}

with our busy weekend, i only managed to get about 25 cd's uploaded to the computer.
but i am still determined and still chuggin along.
it's hard when you get motivated to do something and that something is not an easy quick endeavour
but organizing and preserving our memories is the biggest procrastinated job in my life and i will get it done....and then it's on to the baby books!!!:)
yikes...anyone else behind in those too?

here are a few memories rediscovered this weekend

 one of my all time faves

hope i'm not boring you all to tears:)
this has really been kind of fun...seeing my babies as babies again
remembering a time that seems so simple now, but at the time i'm sure was anything but

if you're tackling your photos as well...good luck to you and keep chuggin along too...

have a happy day,


  1. you look so much like your mom. . .sure you have heard this a time or two in your life!:)

    Love that hair on Riley!

  2. Cindy, My favorite is the one of sisters under the play mat. I think I have that same picture of Anna under showing Abigail all of the fun! I love seeing your 'old' pictures! Keep going!

  3. What about that curly hair? Wow. Such babies, such beautiful babies.

  4. Such sweet pictures and your Mom and you look so much alike! :-)
    This is still on my to do list...lol


  5. cindy, you are achieving the project of my dreams - all family scrapbooks (and especially baby books) sort of died a slow death when we converted to digital a decade ago ... I hung in there for a few years, but eventually lost the habit altogether and my last scrapbook was 2006 - uh oh! converting all of the pre-digital pics over like you are would be such a dream - but mine are actual negatives, not cd's - can I even do anything with those?!

    I love seeing the old photos from when your girls were tiny - they still look just the same ;-)

  6. What a project you have undertaken - you brave woman.....but how thankful you will be in the future when those memories are preserved forever...not to mention how fun it is to take a look back at the past. I'm feeling the urge to get out my old photo boxes. Good Job!

  7. Man...I know I wouldn't fit in those jeans right now!!!