{Weekend Glimpses~Mimi and Poppy Style}

it's always fun when mimi and poppy come to visit. they usually bring all kinds of yummy snacks, lots of energy for long walks and bike rides and of course their two furry friends. being a little older this time, aubrey got into the anticipation of their arrival a bit more which was so cute. when we were waiting for them to pull up, she said "oh wait..." went upstairs all by herself and headed into the drawers in our bathroom. she came down decked in headbands and all kinds of jewelry stuck in anyplace it would fit. i guess she knows the importance of making a good first impression.

and wearing her new backpack of course...

we had a quick dinner thrusday night and headed out for two soggy hours of soccer. you know it's all about the love when you sit through that kind of weather to watch your grand babies play their favorite game.

friday we celebrated grandparents day at riley's school. they had a short presentation and then we all picnicked outside and enjoyed some time on the playground. of course in the hustle and bustle of dropping mimi and poppy off early, getting lunches, picnic blankets, aubrey packed and janey signed out from school....i forgot my camera.:( but it was fun...

here are just a few other highlights from our weekend

and i think this one...although blurry...is my favorite of all...

thanks for visiting mimi and poppy and come back soon.
we love and miss you.


  1. ohhhh that last one is priceless!

    Looks like fun. Grandma and Grandpa were here for a quick trip last night for Drew's game. Lydia loved having them to herself before the other kids got home from school!

  2. How fun! I loved visits with grandma & grandpa when I was younger too {still do...}. Such lucky girls you have...PS thanks for the words on encouragement on my post the other day...I'm going keep my eyes peeled in church & at bookstores...Have a great week!

  3. that last photo is such a winner! what a wonderful weekend, lucky you! i had to laugh when i saw your girls playing perfection, it's one of our most DREADED games - both of my kids hated the pressure of racing against the clock and the startle of the pop once the timer runs out!! they still dislike it (and 'operation') to this day - isn't that funny?!

    and btw, are those 2 golden retrievers i spy in a tiny photo in the 'nature trail' collage yours?! not sure i've ever seen them before, they're gorgeous!

  4. and ps, it sure was great to see your name in my comments tonite ... all of my favorite peeps are still right there with me in spite of the extended 'break', it's a great feeling ;-)

  5. awe, such a sweet time! these are the days!

  6. What a great weekend! I can tell the weather is fall where you are and I'm jealous! Aubrey is getting so big and wearing a backpack is just too cute!