{Look What I Started...}

it could be this mad cleaning, purging, organizing thing i've been on lately
actually since last lent and the 40 bags in 40 days challenge:)
but yesterday afternoon i began the very mind boggling process of organizing my photos and
getting all of my photo albums up to date

can we hear a yippee and a yahoooooooo
my first step is getting all the 150+ photo cd's uploaded to the computer
does anyone else still have photo cd's from the pre-digital days?
i have some dating back to before riley was born!
i was able to get through 36 of them yesterday before my eyes bugged out, and i 'm only up to riley's second christmas.
what a slow task, but i am making headway and determined to get this done once and for all.

here are just a few of the little treasures i stumbled on yesterday

outside our first home in fl with our first baby cody

pg class and the belly suit

riley coming home 5lbs 9 oz

this ones for you lisa :)

this ones for you maria:)

on the bridge in the keyes where we got married
pg with janey

did i loose you yet??:)
this was really kind of fun
i could have kept going....but i didn't want to bore you ;)

my goal is to try and have all of my photo to-do's done by october 1st:
     cd's uploaded, organized,
     new photos printed/in albums (haven't printed since aubrey was born....yikes)
     photos uploaded and saved to snapfish or persnickety prints
     portrait albums all caught up

think it's possible?
anyone else in a photo to-do jumble and
want to join me?
come on...it will be fun!
and just think how good you will feel?


on a less mind boggling and eye popping note...
my parents are arriving today for a long weekend visit
we are all excited and hoping for good weather
we will be lunching at school
watching soccer
walking dogs
making memories and having fun

have a happy day and a lovely weekend,


  1. What a task!! I haven't even thought of doing this, all of our cd's are stored away in a safe. I guess my step one would be to get them out.

    What a fun walk down memory lane. Your babies are adorable. And wowzers you've got long legs.

  2. Wow Cindy, sounds like a ton of work! Good for you...you're right, you will feel so good once that's done. I haven't printed pictures for our albums for 3 or 4 yrs. now. Maybe I will work on that when my son goes off to college!

    Have a super weekend with your family...I bet the girls are so excited!

  3. good for you Cindy. . .its so fun to look at old pictures isn't it??

    Riley was adorable !

    Have a great weekend with the Grands!

  4. Great job!!! Your adorable girls were such beautiful, happy babies. Fun pictures! Good luck finishing!

  5. Good for you! I bought cd's before I left the US to do the same, so I'm in!

    I love the old pics - especially the one on the bridge! I remember that from when you posted your wedding pics!

    Enjoy the family this weekend!

  6. I'm in a photo jumble, would never get it completed in a few weeks lol, good luck with yours.
    Lovely photos btw :)
    Have a great weekend with your family!!

  7. hard to believe i haven't been here in a whole month - now that we're back to school, i'm really going to make an effort to reconnect here in blogland - i've really missed my network here, especially you, cindy!!

    believe it or not, i just read thru all 15 posts since i was here last - my goodness did you ever jump back into blogging with both feet - so many newsy posts about the end of summer, back to school, your trip to chicago, and now this one about your amazing undertaking with the photos - i was great about printing/scrapbooking until about 6 years ago, you can't even imagine the blacklog at this point - it's overwhelming :( I do want to catch up though ... baby steps, i guess!

    of course, blogging is starting to fall just as behind and if i don't get my mojo back, i'm doomed ... hope you'll still be there when i finally take the steps to jump back in ;-) soon, i promise ...

  8. I love all of the older photos you posted here! You have inspired me to get my act together and organize my photos. I bet I have 5000 on our computer desktop. I need to delete some, put some on disk and on my online Kodak album, and print some. Oh goodness, I have a lot of work ahead of me! Maybe I will save it for winter??!

  9. Awww so sweet! I love taking trips down memory lane! I need to organize my photos but really haven't had time. I think it will take years! LOL Enjoy these moments. :-)