{Weekend Glimpses~Chicago Style}

we had a wonderful weekend in chicago. i think the girls were almost as excited about being signed out early on friday as they were about going to the big city.

we took the "back way", through the country and all those small towns.
i love going through small towns.
one sign actually said population 150!
now that's small
i love seeing all the houses
peoples homes and the way they live fascinate me
wondering what it looks like inside and what their life is like
...dave says it's called being nosey...:)

by far the highlight of the" back way"
is all of these

there are miles and miles of windmills
they are so amazing to watch.

stark contrast to what seems like was right around the corner

i love driving through big cities too.
when someone else is driving and i can look around that is.
as we neared the famous american girl red awning...we did a quick "look up and to the left"
the girls never even saw it....sneaky!!:)

the girls were fascinated with this guy

he was right there by the glass and seeming to look right at them

aubrey liked him the most

this little sweetie was my favorite

nursing her baby and eating breakfast
i guess all mamas know the fine art of multi-tasking

this zoo really is beautiful
lush and green
with great views

right when we needed a break we stumbled upon this guy

playing the sweetest sounds
old mcdonald...twinkle twinkle...happy birthday to you...
the girls loved the private serenade

ice cream alwasy helps beat the heat too

after lunch the girls shared this

cotton candy fan?
oh goodness...not me
that is one sugary treat i really don't get???:)

what a great day

the rest of the weekend
we were busy with
laughing and all around memory making
didn't pick up the camera too much
but that's ok

did sneak in about an hour or so of shopping
only came home with this

pretty cute don't ya think?

hope your weekend was a lovely one too,


  1. chicago is my fav!! and i love that monkey!-- probably since that what i'm doing right now too!! :)

  2. i love that zoo, so much fun, looks like you guys had a great time. and i of course, love taking the back way, it's so much better and like you i love seeing the homes and wonder the exact same things : )

  3. glad you had a great trip. that looks like a really nice zoo.

  4. Looks like it was a awesome weekend! That zoo does look amazing! We went to a zoo too on Saturday, tiny and a bit run down but day trips are fun anyaway! Love your city pictures!

  5. One of my all-time favorite places on earth. We spent three years living in Hyde Park, and I have such fond memories of pushing my two oldest around Lincoln Park Zoo.
    Lucky you.

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Great pictures as always! Just wanted to let you know I'm having a giveaway for my memories digital scrapbook software, it ends Friday so stop by and enter! I think you would love all the things you are able to create!


  7. Looks like you had a blast! I've been to Chicago once. Would love to go back. SUch a fun city! And I love driving around small towns too!

  8. We saw a lot of those windmills on the way to Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago. Boyd was fascinated with them. I love the private little serenade you guys got...how cool! What a fun time! Your pictures are fantastic.

    Aubrey's backpack is so dang cute too.

    My bf lived in Chicago for a couple of years and I kick myself for not having visited her there. Kevin has family in Crystal Lake, and we always say we will go up there...maybe one day!