{Weekend Glimpses}

there was a lot more to our weekend then just birthday goodness
here are a few of the highlights

we wrapped up our soccer season
the girls grew a lot this year
thanks to that awesome coaching

riley had a heartbreaking loss that kept her team out of the tournament
janey made her the sweetest card when she got home
complete with trophy and medal

made us all smile
especially riley

someone got a new bike on my birthday
and it wasnt' me:)

our awesome new biker has pedaled quite a few hours already
great school morning motivator i am finding too...."if you are ready for school and your chores are done....you can ride your bike before we leave".....score one for mommy!:)

dave made lots of yummies this weekend
check out this, this and this
they were all pretty scrumptious

growing up

it just keeps happening doesn't it?:)
my sweet baby looks sleepy....
must be all the soccer

we got out the fall boxes too

the weekend weather was perfect for it
it's really no fun decorating for fall when it's 80 out!
more inside pictures to come.....

hope your weekend was a good one,
have a happy day,


  1. I love the new bike...so shiny and pretty! Thank you for all your nice encouraging comments on my blog-I read them and really appreciate them.
    I am glad you liked the toasted-oli...I was supposed to make them last night and just didn't have the energy and made plain old ravioli. But they are so much better fried, of course, what isn't?

  2. I love your Fall decorations, so pretty!! We don't do that over here :( Maybe I should start...
    That note was precious, what love your daughters have for one another!

  3. I seriously had a tear come down my cheek over Janey's note to Riley...what compassionate girls you are raising Cindy!

    Your front porch looks wonderful! We are getting our pumpkins this Saturday!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. She looks so happy on her new bike! Yeah Janey. I love to see the love between sisters, there's nothing like it!!! I love your fall front porch. It's darling really, I know what you feel like with the 80 and decorating. We did around here too. But we'll be glad when its a cool, crisy day and it's all fallish in our homes. Have a great Tuesday!

  5. looked like a fun weekend... our has been filled with soccer too! love your fall decorations!

  6. 1. we had that exact same bike - perfect!
    2. that note is to die for ... my girls do exactly the same for one another in times of disappointment ... doesn't it warm your momma heart?!
    3. the Fall stuff? Looks great!! Wish I could get in the mode, but it's still so darn hot here :(
    4. have a wonderful day, friend!!

  7. lots of fall fun. I need to put up my decorations but if I waited until it was in the 80s I'd have to wait until Dec. That is a very cool bike

  8. The card with the trophy and medal? Sweetest thing e.v.e.r.

  9. I put up my fall deco over the weekend too but it sure wasn't 80 degrees out! More like 50....brrrrr.

  10. That is the sweetest little card ever. How thoughtful. I'm ready to decorate for fall...but it's still nearly 100 degrees here - missing my East Coast roots (and cooler weather) right about now. Can you send some corn stalks my way - they are hard to find (and very expensive to buy out here).

  11. The note Janey wrote for Riley is so precious. What wonderful girls you have! Love your front porch. It gets hot here, then cool, then hot again...so I am not sure when I will REALLY feel like it's fall. Always love reading about your weekends. :)