aubrey and i spent a quiet morning playing

i love watching her imaginative play grow
she is actually using different voices and "talking" for her friends
one of the many benefits of playing with big sisters

we were enjoying the morning sunshine coming through the windows
and the quiet

elmo's fine in case you were wondering...

aubrey is at such a fun age right now
"mommy sit wit me"
"mommy go for a walk wit me"
"mommy play houses wit me"

but then it's quickly followed by "no, no I DO IT!" and "no i won't"
gotta love two

after our quiet time we decided to head to target
i seriously should have 4 kids already....
this is what has to be brought into the car
we leave

diaper bag filled with books, "cell mone" and friends
baby kate and
her car seat

like i said...gotta love two

target was so much fun
we got our few things then spent close to an hour in the toy aisle
yes i am one of those moms who lets her kids play with all the toys
but we always put them back!:)
she is pretty good at finding those little holes in the packaging you can stick your fingers through to make the noises
at one point we had every baby doll in the aisle laughing, cooing, jumping and saying "mama, mama"
it was pretty funny

home for lunch
max and ruby and
nap time

anyone else watch parenthood?

love, love, that show 
i usually always dvr, but last night i just had to watch the first segment
cried like a baby when adam and kristina found out they were having a girl...
can't wait till tonight to finish...dont' give anything away k?

well, there you have it
a look at the simple and the ordinary
or the boring and the mundane...depending on how you choose to look at it
i think you know which way i choose??:)

hope your day was a simple one
have a happy day,


  1. Loved reading this Cindy! She's getting so big, and sooo pretty! I'm 26 weeks pregnant now, and I can't wait to enjoy it all again. Being older I won't take any of it for granted this time. I miss Max and Ruby!

    Love your fall decor I see in the background!

  2. Aubrey is so cute!! And looking more like big sister Janey I think...
    I love that age too.
    Oh and I adore your home and the decorations!!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me....

  4. oh, cindy, you've got me longing for that toddler time again with my girlios - those were precious days when our days were unscheduled and our biggest adventure was to bring 'baby' along to run errands ... two was truly my very favorite age of all - so magical!! sounds like you feel that way, too ... lucky lucky mommy ;-)

  5. It's so funny I can't relate to the doll stuff, but then I bet you don't have to drag monster trucks and trains everywhere like I do. (o:

  6. oh me, oh my. Can she be any more adorable!? Love her giving Elmo a check up and being a little mommy. She is the cutest!

  7. love the kiss picture. How did you ever get that shot!

  8. I have to get one of those Elmo's for Patrick for his birthday, I know he would love it. And isn't that funny she likes to carry all that stuff? It must be in our blood. (Although those real baby car seats always broke my back with their weight!!!)

  9. These pictures of Aubrey just melt my heart. I mean, she is the cutest thing ever! I love that she has to take her baby and carrier everywhere. I know you enjoy your days with her!

  10. Cindy- awwwwwwwwwwwww she is so precious!!!!
    I remember those days with my boys- this makes me wish I could go back in time.
    Have a pretty day!

  11. She is so sweet. I love how you captured your day together and that b&w kiss picture needs to be framed. Adorable. Yes, I love 'Parenthood' and I am downloading episodes from itunes until we are home and I can catch up! I am still on last season so Adam & Kristina are expecting??!!