{Weekend Glimpses}

i took a little-mini-blogging break.
felt good
needed it
dave was swamped at work last week
and when daddy's swamped, i feel swamped too

the busy week did allow dave to take off on friday
which was a BONUS!
he got to attend a school function with both of the girls
i made him take the camera

this one was my favorite

after school the big girls and i headed to the outlet mall for a little shoe shopping
as soon as i picked them up from school i handed them their extra yummy car-ride snacks and we jammed some tunes...our tunes
we can only do that when we don't have aubrey in the car asking for raffi and elmo
no luck in the shoe department
but it was still fun

friday night we had nicolles chilies rellenos for dinner

after dinner we played "race down the driveway" and  a very exciting game of front yard baseball
we have lived in il long enough to know that winter comes soon enough
enjoy being outside when you can

if i'm not cheering on the batter
i'm usually following this little peanut around
why are toddlers always so happy playing within inches of the street?

saturday the big girls and i went to the park while aubrey napped and daddy did the yard
we ran around
played on the bridge and
got to see 2 weddings and an engagement being photographed
exciting stuff in our small town
of course i was the only one without a camera

saturday night we had an amazing pot roast for dinner
and the girls had a sister sleepover
they were up till almost 10 giggling and doing each others hair
classic sleepover stuff
this was their first one since the summer, and
i think they needed it

sunday was pizza night

and pandora
always a party with pizza and pandora!
{new song from our sunday night jam fest...wanna come over??}

i know i have promised a pizza post for awhile now

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,
have a happy day,


  1. Janey got a haircut...it looks so cute!
    I've been wishing to paint or shutters and front door black...seeing yours really makes me want to go through with it! I'll have to show my husband how it looks on your house!
    Have a great week Cindy!

  2. I'd almost forgotten about those chile rellenos. I love those things. Glad you made them. I love that last photo of Dave flipping the dough. Sounds like you've been eating good this week. :) Kevin has been swamped at work for months now, and it's been hard on this household. I totally get what you said at the beginning of the post!

  3. I noticed Janey's haircut too, very cute. looks like a fun weekend. We love homemade pizza here too and often have it on Sundays

  4. what a great weekend, cindy!! sorry you struck out on the shoes - we need some too, it's not easy - frustrating! couldn't help but notice the coats - brrr?? it's still quite muggy here, sort of unusual for summer to last this long, never thought i'd say it, but i'm ready for some Fall weather at last!!

  5. I am so coming over for some of your hubby's famous pizza. He even looks like he owns a pizza shop looking at that picture.

  6. You have the most beautiful house ever Cindy!! I love everything about it, the garden, the light, the bricks, the chair on the porch, it's gorgeous :) We love to play out the front of our house too!