{Tuesday and Today}

i really love tuesdays
aubrey and i hit panera for breakfast after drop-off
then we head to the library for story time
something about our library
i seriously love it
it is filled and i mean filled with the most amazing children's books
since this is all i'm reading these days
that makes me very happy

when aubrey and i were at panera chatting about what kind of books we should look for
she said the sweetest thing...
"get lil critter all by me-self"...instead of all by myself...i cracked up!

we came home with a bag full of books
including horse books and teacher books for janey and
5 nancy drew books for riley
did i mention i love our library?

the girls have dance on tuesday evenings
i stay with them and
dave puts aubrey to bed

i have been trying to camp out in the car and do the 30 days to a better photo series
so far i'm on like day 4...kind of confused...kind of frustrated
kind of want my point and shoot back
at least then i could blame my camera:)
i know it just takes time and practice and more practice
i am just so impatient!!!!!

today aubrey wanted me to get the sleeping bags out so she could lay down
she said she was sick
giggle giggle
needed a pillow
giggle giggle
and the ice

...top right...that's her giggle...

then it turned to
"lay wit me mommy
right beside me
on this pillow"
not a good idea to get me horizontal in the middle of the day with max and ruby's hypnotic voices in the background
i had to snap a few blurry pictures to stay awake

it was warm today
but beautiful
we headed outside before lunch
bare with me...this was fun

not quite sure why some were clear-ish and some were blurry
i'm only on day 4 remember?:)
but i captured the moment and i guess that's what really matters

still more
she learned how to twist the swing to spin around...

oh the giggles i heard

so that was our tuesday and today (so far) in a nutshell
or in a photo
or in a ton of photos:)

have a happy day,

photo organization update:
well it is after october 1st
i missed my deadline by a bit, but i'm still not giving up
so far i have:
uploaded and organized all my photo cd's
ordered 300 photos from snapfish (that i need to get in an album)
ordered 400 more photos from snapfish that are on the way
that only brought me to my birthday...two years ago...ugh...
bought the only 2 remaining photo albums we use in town
uploaded some photos to persnickety prints ( i think i will switch to this service instead of snapfish)

we still have not found an alternative to paying $1500 to recover our old hard drive
i still need to look into printing photos from my blog/picasa web albums

not done but getting there:)


  1. Our library is absolutely amazing too...

    I looks like you two had an awesome day.

  2. what an wonderful little model you have to practice on!! You are doing amazingly well, Cindy, really. . .keep up the good work!

    And your photo organization makes me wish I would get by the same bug, my goal was to just do one photo book a season, start with this summer and work backwards. . .hmmm maybe I will have to do a fall one and then move backwards from there!

  3. I will have to check out this site because your pictures are great! Really captures her personality and let's it shine through! :-)We have a small little library but great programs and people. We order a lot from scholastic also. I am way behind on organizing pictures...good for you getting that accomplished! Have a great night!


  4. Hi Cindy!
    Oh my your little girl is getting big. She is just precious!
    and your photos are amazing!! Really pretty shots!

  5. Aubrey is as gorgeous as ever!! Good luck with your camera :)

  6. I love the pictures of Aubrey on the swing. So sweet. They made me smile! :) I still have to go back to Panera. I went once, and didn't love it, but I want to give it another try. Your day sounds wonderful!

    I keep saying over the winter I'm going to tackle my photos. I feel like it's a hopeless task, but then I see how much progress you have made, and I have a little hope! :) Maybe if I break it down into baby steps, I can get it done.

    have a good day!

  7. Ooooh, Panera and the library...two of my favorite places! Sounds like a perfect day. I love how your pictures are looking!

  8. oh, how i miss those days of panera and the library with my pint-sized sweeties - not to mention those adorable giggles and precious words like "me-self" ... magical, wonderful days for sure, cindy!!!!

  9. Hi Cindy,

    I love the picture with the two of you... she's looking at you with so much love!

  10. looks like a fun day and I love all the angles of the swing pictures