{Remember Me.....?}

hi there
a one day computer break turned into three
then three turned into a week and a half mighty fast

i guess it really wasn't just a computer break...it was a camera break too
cause i got nothin for you in the way of photos
but it always happens that way for me....
camera goes down
computer goes off
i guess it is a rebellion against all things technical and frustrating

anyway i'm back
and ready to catch up on all i've missed

as far as what you've missed...
life was pretty much normal around here
which really is a good thing

we had a garage sale over the weekend
remember i have been in this purge it, organize it, clean it out mode lately
we did pretty well
now we need to decide where that money will go....a deep freezer for the garage or this
what do you think????
kind of a no-brainer for me!!:)

the girls got rid of some things too
and they had a bake sale
they made almost as much money as we did!:)
janey, my sensitive, sentimental, saver broke down in tears a few times
she spent about $5 in her profits buying back things of riley's she still loves
so janey
so sweet

dave took the girls fishing last weekend
it was beautiful
look at that sky

and those smiles
they even went out for round two on sunday
daddy's pretty happy he has at least two fishermen in the house

aubrey has been up to her usual cuteness

she came upstairs from the basement in this outfit
saying "look at me....i'm pretty princess"

is anyone else totally cracking up at these 2 year old orange toes
sliding out the top of those 5 year old ratty princess shoes.....?

oh how i love little girls

have a happy day,


  1. welcome back. your girls are too cute. congrats on your yard sale, I always love getting things out especially when you make some money off it!

  2. what is it about girls and dressing up? Love it!

    Go for the quilt, the freezer is way to practical:)

  3. The quilt, of course!
    I've missed you.
    Evie has just started the dress-up thing too, especially shoes. What is it with girls and shoes (and quilts, for that matter)?

  4. I say go for both, splurge and get the deep freeze AND the quilt. You deserve it! :)

    Love the fishing pictures and of course Aubrey playing dress up is adorable. I guess that is the one thing I will miss just having a boy, all the fun frilly dresses and shoes. Cute pictures!

  5. Oh my, yes! Those adorable little toes look like Shrek feet hanging off the shoes like that. Too stinkin' cute!

    And...oh...the fishing looks so peaceful yet fun!

  6. glad your back! sometimes a break is needed and a good way to re-charge! i took off a week and it turned into a summer! happy monday!

  7. Great pictures fishing and I just love Aubrey in her Princess shoes! Too cute! Have a great week.


  8. are you sure you can't have both the quilt AND the freezer?! honestly, i am so envious of your purge party these days, - the yard sale, the picture project ... sigh, i need to find some of your motivation ;-)

  9. I like those little girls fishing. Way cool.