{Are You Ready for This?}

remember over the summer when our hard drive crashed?
remember how we were told to send it out to that company for repair?
remember how it was going to cost at least $1500 with no guarantees of how much they would recover?

well last week we got this little magazine in the mail
the kind filled with local coupons and advertisements
on the back cover there was an ad for a new computer store in the area
something told me to give them a call
it was a long shot
after all, i had already called several similar companies in the area
none of them could help us

these guys were different
they actually told us to bring it in
we had never gotten that far before
so aubrey and i drove it down there
they hooked it up and said it was still "spinning"
which i'm guessing is a good thing

aubrey and i sat there for about 10 minutes in the really cool brand new spinny chair
looking at the ceiling and taking rides
i was noticing the fact that they had literally just opened
just a few folding tables, a front desk and 3 computers
kind of funny....

they plugged it into a few different computers
fiddled with some things and
then i hear..."we got it!"
i was like..."you got what?"
"we got your data!!!!!"
can i tell you that i nearly jumped up and down and hugged the guy
that was it....they got it

but they told me not to get my hopes up, sometimes during a lightening strike
some of the files can be corrupted
so we left with huge smiles and big hopes
this is as close as we had come to a good outcome

i called about 2 hours later
i felt like i was calling the doctor about a sick friend:)
they said they had recovered 100% of the data and transferred all of it to an external hard drive for us
i could not stop thanking him and told him we would tell all our friends and be customers for life
i think he thought i was a bit nuts
and ready for the kicker....they charged us for an hour of labor and for the price of the hard drive
we walked out of there with all of our stuff and a bill for $156!!!!!!!

so we are now the proud owners of an external hard drive
and we now have every. single. one. of our photos on our computer!
(which is also being backed up daily by a "cloud service")

so, the moral of the story?
read those local magazines and
give the new guys a call
you just never know......

so since i have all of my photos now
here are a few more flashback moments

fancy witch and fancy nancy 
sorry for the red-eyed look...is it spooky??:)

pirate, fancy witch, and dazed but cute baby

pumpkin patch

minnie mouse, puppy in her jammies, and a scarecrow

have a happy day,


  1. that is AWESOME!!! God loves the little things too. :) something about having all those pictures and memories is just good for a momma's soul. enjoy your happy day! :)

  2. That is AWESOME Cindy!! Thank goodness for businesses like that one. That's the kind of place you really hope sticks around...and that the good word will get out about their great service. So happy for you....our pictures are so dear to us. Kids dressed up for Halloween are just the cutest, aren't they! Riley's scarecrow outfit is the cutest! I doubt I will ever see another cute costume again over here...Brady thinks the scarier the better. :(

  3. OMG what GREAT news!

  4. $156!!! I am so happy for you. Really, really happy. That is great news. Almost as great as the news that we may be getting some money back from the power company, because 24 hours worth of power surges fried our a/c, and we are out $7000. Just had to throw that in b/c I'm still not done venting over it, and it happened a couple of weeks ago. :)

    Moving on. I LOVE the flashback photos!

  5. How wonderful, Cindy!!

    Ya gotta love those small businesses!

  6. I am soooooooo happy for you Cindy! That's the best news ever! Really, it makes me so happy that you've got those lost pictures. Yahoo!

  7. Love your pictures...hate how kids grow up so fast...I get so sad looking at my pictures like this in age progression. So glad about your computer...I bet you made their day, a new happy customer!!!

  8. yeah! and love your cute photos Cindy! :)

  9. How great is that??!! Thank goodness there are super smart computer people out there who do good, affordable work! So happy for you guys!

    Your Halloween memory lane pics are adorable! Love that you have them!

  10. I am so happy for you Cindy!! That is awesome you were able to recover all of your pics :)
    These photos are gorgeous, all of them are adorable, the costumes are great and look how much little Aubrey has grown!!
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog, it's always nice to see you there xo

  11. So happy for you!! That is such great news! Happy reminiscing!!


  12. this success story is UNREAL, cindy - wow!! i'm just so so so happy for you ... amazing - good for you for never giving up!!