{Pumpkin Patch}

saturday we went to the pumpkin patch.
this is our third year visiting this one of a kind place.
we really love it.
there is so much to see and look at it.

the weather was picture perfect
not a cloud in the sky

the highlight for the big girls is the maze
we had to get that out of the way before we could focus on anything else

they must have spent over 20 minutes running in and out of this thing
they had a blast and aubrey was right there with them the whole time:)

this place is filled with so many great things to see and take pictures of.
you really need to visit more then once.
one time to run around and have fun,
and one time to pose for all the pictures:)

it was so beautiful inside this little "micanthus meander".
the sound the wind made when it blew through the grasses was so peaceful.
i was imagining a hammock, a big blanket and a nap!

it just wouldn't be a good day for us without ice-cream

and silliness

this cracks me up...we both look so formal...

aubrey loved all the animals

taking the "long-slow-independent-two-year-old-way" while the big girls visit the maze again

kettle corn...yum

finally it was time for pumpkin picking

you can tell a lot about a person by how they choose a pumpkin right?

let's just say i have one quick chooser and two not so quick choosers
can you guess who is who??

hint...she really was tapping her lip and saying...."hmmmm....let me see....!"

and for the record, aubrey really did choose a green pumpkin
it wasnt' just me wanting a contrast with the orange shirt
i promise!!!!!

happy pumpkin pickin'
have a lovely day,


  1. that looks like such a cool pumpkin patch and they had a blast

  2. Great pictures! Looks like a fun place to visit!


  3. OHHH, I love these photos. Every single one of them. Boyd does the fingers on the lip thing too and says, hmmmm let me think. :)

    I love that Aubrey picked the green pumpkin. The girls outfits look so cute. The one of you and Dave in the king and queen seats is fun! What a fabulous day.

  4. i wondered if this was the pumpkin patch you guys went to, too. : ) i love it, so much fun! great pictures, looks like you guys all had a great time!!

  5. First off....gorgeous new header Cindy!

    What a fun place to visit! I love that big pile of pumpkins and gourds and such! Your pictures are all so good...I think pumpkin pictures with kids are the BEST pictures of the year! LOVE the growth chart pictures too! Is Dave eating pumpkin ice cream? It such a pretty color!

  6. What a great pumpkin patch! I love that ladder! You guys in your jackets and scarves with everything fall - so glad you are enjoying the season!

  7. Beautiful pictures Cindy! Your girls are so darn cute. Their sweetness just shines through in the pictures.

  8. Looked like a picture perfect day! I remember last year entertaining Aubrey during the long car ride...socks on hands etc, etc, etc. Actually that's all I could remember!! And Poppy & Mimi sitting in the king and queen chair. Three chose chocolate ice cream...hmmm...and I wasn't there to persuade.